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  1. Even all the good advises I havn't found a way. Guess I can suggest such feature for next update as it realy would come in handy if one could just fill the background with transparant and save this for pasting in ontop of another drawing.
  2. Thank's for all the input, Im'e sure the trick will uncover. But to make clear what I ask, it is using transparant as a color. Like when you use Fill tool on a background and only the background get the fill color, the rest in other color than the background will stand. By the advises untill now I came a few steps further ; Fill do fill transparant, but that cover the intire drawing everything are replaced with a compleatly emty drawing and that was not the idea. See, I been spending a lot of time using the eraser tool to erase just to the edges of what I want to paste into a new layer on another drawing. That work, but take a lot of time. --- Ithen I wondered if I could fill a new color onto the background, why not do the same with transparant, as pointed out, transparity can be set to zero. But that don't work as expected. At best it fill the intire drrawing with transparant. From my point of view it would be the perfect tool, becaurse very often I need to paste a figure prepared for this, into another drawing.
  3. Yes, -- the fill can be transparant, but then all is overwritten . Not as how you flood with a color that stop fill at the edges at another color than the background that is to be replaced by transparant. The transparant simply flood the whole page, removing the entities that should stand. I checked all flood options and some replace the transparant with white. I first set opasiti to zero, transparant on and blending mode overwrite. Left button is then transparant fill and right button white. But transparant don't stop at edges as fill othervise do.
  4. But, No I can't make this working. Guess Transparant is not considered a color. The only way seem to be to start with an emty drawing, select all and delete all.
  5. GREAT!!!, --- I'll test that tomorow and make a reply,
  6. Hi, I thank the forum for helping my last topic, but now about same topic I thought if there are a shortcut. Topic is making a transparant background around the lines and arears I painted and drawn. Untill now I simply used the eraser tool to make a checker pattern being a transparant area, when I select all and copy it after I saved the drawing in Paint net native format. --- Then opening a new drawing and creating a new layer, I can paste the saved into the new drawing and have the erased arears transparant-- great. But isn't there a better way ; I image that I could use the fill tool to replace a color with transparant. -- I tried but I can't color pick transparant and fill with that. So how can I do something simular? Is there a way to state that a partivular color simulate transparant ? Hope my question are clear. English is not my native language.
  7. Sorry the delay ; Thank's. it work smooth saving the cut outs in the native format.
  8. Thank's I will try that, as I did save as .Jpg
  9. Hi, this is a fantastic program and I look forwerds to getting to know it better, but ; when I use the eraser to "Cut-out" a selection, I can select it and copy it, I can then open a new drawing and create a new layer where I paste the selection in, --- works wonder, but only in that session. As when I save the remains , the selection I made by erasing all around it, then the erased background turn white in the saved new drawing or if I want to save and reuse that cut-out. Becaurse, if I the day after start the program again and open the drawing with the selection to copy it again, then background are white and not checker pattern. I must simply make a new selection by erasing the white with now the right mouse button where before I could use the left button for eraser --- How do I save a cut-out so that the background don't turn white when saved ?
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