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Dyslexic! Please help!

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I'm good with visual art and I can compose music... but almost everything else is a problem for me.  :(  I'm using what I call "the brute-force" method to create a logo for a friend who has her own company...   No tools.  (Except the ability to undo, and maybe the bucket fill tool.)  I can't see well enough to use the line / curve tool.  The handles are too small. 


I drew the name of the company free-hand with a tablet.  But because I can't grasp the concept of how to choose the settings when opening a file, I could be headed for a massive train wreck!  Sometimes a new file opens with what looks like a very small canvas.  And sometimes my images look anti-aliased, and other time, not.


Could someone please give me a step by step way to choose the settings when I open a new file?  I'm able to follow straight forward linier instructions.


1.  Do this.

2.  Do this!

3.  Press this key...


...etc., etc. ...


I have nowhere else to go with these crazy problems!  Any help will be very much appreciated.

It doesn't matter how long the instructions are...  my brain works like a simple computer.  I can do exactly what you tell me to do, but anything implied, I may miss.  (Aspergers syndrome.) 


Sorry, the list of disabilities I "came with" is very long!  I'm trying to keep working in spite of all the bloody potato!  :)

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Don't feel so bad, Goo, there are quite a few good, patient people on here that can help....unfortunately with this new version of Paint.net I keep running into problems and on some levels (with my own learning disability) I'm still a newbie at this.


 I'd have to say that if you can compose music and are good with visual art I'd say you are talented. I also have aspergers syndrome....Welcome to the club :D!   

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@googooheadgoogooplex: Are you using version 3.5.11 or 4.0? The technique below is valid for both, but the screenshots are for 4.0 so they might differ slightly (so don't worry :) )

1. Open Paint.NET.

2. Click the menu item File > New (alternative: Ctrl + N does the same). That should open this dialog:


3. Make sure the checkbox Maintain Aspect Ratio is not checked (no tick in the box).

4. Type in new width value in the top number box


5. Type in the new Height value in the second number box


6. Click the OK button to create a new image in the sizes you have specified.

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Now a note about resolution. Note that it shows something titled Resolution in the dialog above, but we didn't use it. Far better (IMHO) to calculate the size manually.

Let's say the logo you're creating is 6" x 4" (photo sized) when finished. That should be large enough for a letterhead and most hand-held promotional work.

How big do we need the canvas to be?


High quality printing uses 300 dots per inch.  We need to supply enough dots from the logo image to cover 6" by 4".


Doing the math:


300DPI x 6" = 1800 pixels wide

300DPI x 4" = 1200 pixels high


So to create an image capable of being printed at high resolution and covering a size of 6" x 4" you need to create a canvas 1800 x 1200.


Do your sizing this way and you can ignore everything else in the above dialog.

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I wanna thank all of you for your really great responses!  :)  I have to process them now!  :)  But at the same time, I have one more question.  I have a letter 'O' that's one pixel too tall… I need to make it a pixel shorter.  But even if I could resize it by only one pixel by using the arrow keys and dragging, that would change the thickness of the line.  What I'd like to know is, is there a way to resize the 'O,' without changing the line thickness.  And do I have to do it by dragging nubs?  That's nearly impossible!  Isn't there a way to do it on the keyboard, maybe with the arrow keys or something?

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If you can select the O completely using the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: then try this:

1. Make the selection by clicking on the "O" character.

2. Press M on the keyboard to activate the Move Tool :MoveTool:

3. Click and hold on the center-top nub.

4. Press the down arrow key on your keyboard once.

5. Press ESC or Ctrl + D to deselect.

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