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Coloring a brush

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I'm using Paint.net since few years, and now I'm trying to coloring a brush with a precise color.

I would like the brush to be in a blue color 3914AF (for example).

I tried to use different fusion mode like "screen" on a third layer that I colored with this color...but it also let the color out of the brush itself.

I thought of using the magic wandle before but to have a correct result...


I'd like to have your idea on HOW to change the color of any PNG brush directly in the picture in Paint.net.


Thanks a lot.






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Thank you welshblue. 


I was trying to find a way to do so for my students without installing any other things a bit complex and wich works with PNG elements.


If there is a way to do so directly in Paint.net to change nicely a PNG color that is black, I would be really happy.


Thanks a lot.

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You can use the Recolor tool :RecoloringTool:, or the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: (to make a selection of the brush) then Paint Bucket :PaintBucket: the selection with your Primary color set to the new shade.

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Thank you Ego Eram Reputo,


I duplicated the layer with the brush

I used the Recolor tool in one shot (left clic stay press) on the upper layer

Fusion Mode : Screen

I decrease the opacity of this layer

I merged those 2 layers.

The result is correct. (in Attachment)


If someone have a way to make it look more natural, I would take it.







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To make it more natural, I would erase parts of the brush strokes so it appears they are around the person and not in front of her. (see this tutorial)

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Set your Primary colour to the hex you want on the colour chart

Open up Custom Brush Mini >>> Click on the colour (it'll show up as the colour of your primary colour) >>> define Custom Colours >>> Add to Custom Colours >>> Set Brush Mode to Mask >>> Start brushing

Thanks.........It really helps for a newbie like me.....

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