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  1. @ II ARROWS : that's a good trick , but I guess that would be faster to be able to do all the manipulations IN the same document. I was able to adapt directly the size of each picture in a document with the previous version.
  2. When Pasting a picture (2748 x 3712) in a new one (1600 x 1900 with 100 pixels/cm) with no change of the size of the destination file, when I resize the layer to have all I want visible, it crops the visible part. I can move the big picture but can't resize the layer without loosing as if it was crop. So it's impossible to use bigger picture in a smaller document without loosing a big part of the picture. I tryed the same manipulation with the same pictures (different tests with different resolutions) on the previous stable version of Paint.net, and it works perfectly.
  3. Congratulation for all that work done on this software. Maybe it's a thing that was already said, but When I open a PDN file and adjust the size of the layers window (to see all the layer), if I close paint.net and then open a new PDN file, Paint.net doesn't keep in memory the position and the size of the layer window. Hope it will help.
  4. Thank you Ego Eram Reputo, I duplicated the layer with the brush I used the Recolor tool in one shot (left clic stay press) on the upper layer Fusion Mode : Screen I decrease the opacity of this layer I merged those 2 layers. The result is correct. (in Attachment) If someone have a way to make it look more natural, I would take it.
  5. Thank you welshblue. I was trying to find a way to do so for my students without installing any other things a bit complex and wich works with PNG elements. If there is a way to do so directly in Paint.net to change nicely a PNG color that is black, I would be really happy. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello, I'm using Paint.net since few years, and now I'm trying to coloring a brush with a precise color. I would like the brush to be in a blue color 3914AF (for example). I tried to use different fusion mode like "screen" on a third layer that I colored with this color...but it also let the color out of the brush itself. I thought of using the magic wandle before but to have a correct result... I'd like to have your idea on HOW to change the color of any PNG brush directly in the picture in Paint.net. Thanks a lot.
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