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Request plugin repeat all for all images

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I think this is where to ask this. I downloaded the "make your own" for non coders to see if I can do it.

But maybe there is already something like this.

I make animated overlays and I wish there was a way to edit every single image loaded into paintsdotnet all at once.

To have a list of actions done to all images. I know effects have the repeat last effect but would like it to include for adjustments.

So, I would like to resize the image, have it cropped at all the same places. And or resized all the same. And do several

effect/photo actions.

Ideally a window would open and you could enter a list of actions to be performed on every image.

Otherwise at least all the actions on one image and then just click on the next and repeat all the same actions.

It's very time consuming for 60 or 70 images. And if such a plugin exist, what a time saver that would be.

I do know how time consuming it is to write a plugin that only one or two people may end up using so I guess I will see if the above simple writing of a plugin may help me do this. And if I ever learn how to do it from all of the tutorials here, I will defiantly post it for others. I would love to contribute such a plugin. This place is just wonderful.

Happy holidays :)

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Hello 'Painting Textures',

I believe 'Scriptlab' can automate running multiple effects but things like cropping are not allowed by the plugin rules - at least as I understand them. (file-type plugins may be different).

It may be worth following this thread though (I haven't tried it).http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27189-alivate-batch-file-processor/

Have a cool yule! ;)


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The batch processor linked above doesn't have access to the Tools or Editing functions. It's used to chain Effects & Adjustments via Scriptlab.

IrFanView does batch processing of the sort you require. Paint.net does not.

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Awesome. Thank you for the link. Any steps that can be shortened is wonderful. I knew someone would come across the same problem.

Another great use for this is getting skin color on all textures to match the same color. Which sometimes is a 3 or 4 step process.

I hope it can also include the blend modes plus as a step. (gotta be my favorite plugin).

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