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Missing files: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

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Do try it.  Power users such as yourself can provide Rick with meaningful feedback as you try to replicate/improve your techniques.


Remember you can run 3.5.11 and 4.0 side-by-side.  Instructions here:


Just to say. This is not working for me on W7 SP1. Starting the 3.5.11 version results in the messagebox:


Paint.NET has detected that some important installation files are missing. If you click the Repair button it will attempt to repairt his and then continue loading.

The missing files are: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable


Pressing the Repair button leads to some activity (where I can see a Paint.NET 4.0 pre release in the header) but it does not work. The application terminates and the next start will present the same messagebox.


I downloaded vcredis_x64.exe and installed it but w/o effect.

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I've split this post off from


Please keep troubleshooting posts for 4.0 inside the 4.0 Preview Center. That thread is for discussing the system requirements, not troubleshooting. Thanks in advance.

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I ran both versions side-by-side for some time on my Win7 SP1 system.  I used exactly those instructions to duplicate the folder.


Worked like a dream, so I expect that there is some other issue at fault here.


I'll re-install 3.5.11 to see if it will cooperate with the latest version of 4.0.

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I got it to run the other way round:


- Install Paint.NET 4

- Start and finish Paint.NET

- Rename Paint.NET folder to Paint.NET4

- Install Paint.NET 3.5.11

- Start and finish Paint.NET

- Rename Paint.NET folder to Paint.NET3511

- Rename Paint.NET4 to Paint.NET


So it seems that Paint.NET 4 removes some important files required by 3.5.11.


People should know that there are potential risks doing this:


- Both versions share the same registry key

- Some data exchange format may be different (i.e. the clipboard format of selections)

- The pdn file format changed a little bit (The serialized data part). Still compatible between PDN versions but I had to update the Irfanview plugin.

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Here's another thing you can do.


1. Install Paint.NET v3.5.11

2. Copy the 3.5.11 folder. e.g. from "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET" to "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET 3.5.11"

3. Install 4.0

4. Start the installer for 3.5.11 but don't actually install it (just let it sit at the opening page where you select Quick/Custom)

5. In Windows Explorer (aka File Explorer), open the "%TEMP%\PdnSetup" folder

6. Depending on whether you're running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, open the Native.x86 or Native.x64 folder

7. In there you'll see 2 DLLs and 3 folders. Copy the 3 folders off somewhere convenient, for use in step 9.

8. Close the installer.

9. Next, copy those 3 folders to where you have your copy of Paint.NET 3.5.11 installed


This will give Paint.NET v3.5.11 a "local" copy of the VC++ redist that it can use. This should be foolproof -- it's the way the installer is able to use the VC++ redist without having to install it first.

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