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To change color on a digital drawn picture?

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post-133120-0-23776200-1384979136_thumb.post-133120-0-23776200-1384979136_thumb.I'm new here everyone.. got myself in a issue...See, let me explain a bit before I get right into this.


I'm a Model Railroader, as the screen name implies. "RRArtist" RailRoad Artist. Anyway, I have a MoPar garage, planned, I have this 3D model, built, I'm merely working on a sign, that is based off I think the 1950's.....This sign, will depict my interests in MoPar, a "Hemi", and the classy girls used back in the day, as part of the sign, AND will be lighted......SO, in 1/87th to the foot scale (Pretty small) its nearly impossible to get a "Hemi" motor, and be able to see that it is a Hemi! SO, my plan, is to take a 1:25th scale Hemi motor, and mount it to a sign pole, that's a pipe, to carry wires for lighting. Then UNDER this sign, will be a girl, that looks as tho, she is holding up a sign that says "Hemi" in the old "MoPar" signage.....UNDER her will be this Hemi Motor.....BUT the lighting is the fun part as the "lamp shades. will be CHROMED Hemi Valve Covers.....With the motor itself, painted orange, with black valve covers.....


Now this girl on the sign, is the issue.............. The girl is actually a blonde.....(don't ask LOL) I need to change her hair color... to red! Problem is? The clothing shes wearing, a short skirt, or short shorts, that are also...........RED.... so, it leaves way to much "red" for the sign......Looks good as is, don't get me wrong, BUT, if I can replace her blonde hair with red hair, to match the "looks" of the image, to be "believable" is GREAT, BUT I want to remove the red from her clothing, and make it Hemi Orange.......... trimmed in black with the silverish looks it already has, blended into the red as you will see...


This whole project is going on a display I'm adding to my layout for looks for when I run trains and to show my other interest.......... old MoPar muscle cars that were Hemi with a garage to repair them, from back in the day......Trying to make all the colors fall into place is my issue!


Any help is GREATLY appreciated!



THANKS for looking.

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I'm not sure what the exact size of your image is, but if you're working with an image the size of the one you presented it's going to slightly difficult to recolor it. You'll probably want to zoom in (and I mean zoom far in, maybe 500%) and use the Lasso Select tool to select the area you want to recolor. After doing so, use the Hue / Saturation and adjust the Hue until you get to color you're satisfied with. Do this with all the sections in your image you want to recolor. There might be an easier way to do it. Maybe someone else can find another solution. Good luck.


In the future, try to keep you questions a little shorter and to the point. Welcome to the forums.

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The Recolor Tool :RecoloringTool: when zoomed in is probably your simplest option.   The recolor tool preserves shading so it is a fairly easy job to "paint" over the hair with the Recolor Tool set to an appropriate sized brush.

To find out how to use this tool, press F1 in paint.net to be taken to the online documentation.

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Sorry for the late reply everyone, been caught up in this and some other life issues as well (I'm healing) but that's a whole other story....


Anyway, this is what it was:




Then I took it and done this:




notice, the "Mopar" sign itself, changed, to "HEMI" with Orange instead of the red....


THEN, I needed to take and change the girl herself, hair color:




Then I went to do the same with the "HEMI" version.....HemiGarage001.png



As you see, then once I'm happy with everything, I have to make a left and a right to go on either side of the sign as shes going to hold up the sign itself and be setting, "sort of" on the model motors air cleaner!!!!!!!

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