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Color Harmonies (obsolete)


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If someone likes to play with color harmonies then try the following.

Copy ColorHarmonies files in the Effects folder and the OptionBasedLibrary in the Paint,NET folder.

Feedback is welcome. I'm just not sure about the user interface.




Use the radiobuttons to select the color model you like to use. The selected channel is always used by the slider. The other two channels are shown in the square or the wheel.

The dropdown provides different types of harmonies used in color theory.

The first color in the color list below the square or wheel is the reference color. All other colors are calculated from the reference.


PS: Right click to the color square or wheel is your friend to modify the UI a bit.


In this peculiarity we are talking about a tool. A different form of a color selector which allows you to choose a color sheme in different color models to use in your image. That's all. You can not do more than to choose a sheme (a nice looking combination of colors) and then maybe copy the color values to the hex field of the build-in Paint.NET color wheel.


Based on this an effect may analyze the image to determine its basic color sheme and then harmonize the colors based on your selection.







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Hi Midora. I have just tried this out on a selection of images and gradients, It is not doing anything to the image no matter what settings I use.

Any more info would be of help please :)

Sorry it was not the goal to waste your time and to raise expectations the tool can not fulfill now. My excuse: There was an appointment :-)

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I've just downloaded this - thank you so much @Midora - this will be of great use to me :)


There are four of five active users on the forum I would point out that something like this plugin is usefull for their kind of art. You are one of them :-)


The plugin still needs two or, three hours to clean it up. Especially there should be the possibility to create a palette file which can then be loaded in the 'Colors' window.

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