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A question about Win7 style avatars.

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Original thread title: Hi, new and already a question. How about that? :D


Hi all. I had a question about finding a tutorial on creating an avatar that has the lighting effect and border that..*gulp* Windows 7 uses in the start menu. I just kinda like it. :D

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You mean the one that surrounds your User picture?


BTW:  Liked your thread title, but forum rules require the title be descriptive - so I edited it for you.

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Quick attempt - plugins in bold:


1. White background on default canvas.


2. Add new layer


3. Rounded rectangle (outline mode) in black @ 1 pixel thickness.


4. Object Align to center (both horizontal and vertical)


5. Duplicate layer.


6. Top rectangle layer = Distort > Magnifier @25, 100, 100


7. Lower rectangle layer = rotate zoom (ctrl + shift+z)  @ 1.06 zoom


8. Merge top two layers.


9. Magic wand the border edge


10. Primary White, Secondary #5E9EBE.


11. Drag linear gradient from top left to bottom right.


12 with selection still active, Bevel Selection @ 5 White & 165, 198, 255


13. Deselect & fill center with white.


14 Drop shadow @ 3, 3, 0, 5 and color of 136,136,136





I like 13.5: repeat Magnifier with same settings!

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