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how to resize the Pencil tool?

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Exactly what the title says, how do I change the Pencil tool to a desired pixel size?

I've been using Paint.net for a while and I haven't noticed that the Pencil tool is fixed at 1 pixel. :P


Also, is there a way to dock the floating panel (Colors, Tools), maybe put them below the Menu bar and accessible via dropdown button?


Thank you. :)

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You can't. Use the paintbrush tool with anti-alias turned off (there is a button that looks like :AntiAliasingEnabled: on the toolbar where you change the size. Click on it so it looks like :AntiAliasingDisabled: )

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You can't dock the windows, but you can move them around and toggle their visibility. Try pressing F5, F6, F7 & F8 to hide the windows. The same keys toggles the visibility back on.

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hi EER,

Sorry about the other thread where you responded with this:




I hope docking windows become available in the next version. Maybe someone can write a plugin to enable that?

Anyway, I found a temporary solution with this layout:



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