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  1. hi EER, Sorry about the other thread where you responded with this: I hope docking windows become available in the next version. Maybe someone can write a plugin to enable that? Anyway, I found a temporary solution with this layout:
  2. I'm not quite sure what he's trying to show here. The linked image seem to be dead. Anyone who can remember what his attachment looks, care can re-create? I also want to dock those floating tools panes.
  3. Hi Martin Osieka, the link you provided is just inaccessible. Any other place where I can download your plugin?
  4. The problem is not with the tools you use. the problem is with your lack of understand of how pixels work. They are square. And the worst part is what you're trying to accomplish will be used for a computer display, which is basically a buildup of pixels. So no matter how much you try to blur an image, jaggedness will still be present. And please do not ever dare resize a 16x16 to 32x32. That's just crazy. Here's my tip: I know that it is frustrating when you can't accomplish what you want to do, but please stop complaining. Do your research not on graphics editing but on icon making. Study some icons that are circular. Even those iPhone types which has rounded corners. Do you notice how they manage to make those curves smooth? That subtle shadow. Optical illusion is the answer to your problem. Duplicate your image, desaturate, adjust opacity. That's the simplest way. And that's the only thing you have to blur. Good luck.
  5. Unless your icon is minimalistic (i.e., styles like Token, or the icons used in Google Doc)... it can be easily done if you are careful that the resizing won't cause the edges to have semi-transparent pixellation, in which case you can just easily erase those carefully. Otherwise, I think the smallest icon (16x16) is the hardest to do. You have to compromise some design elements that are present in the largest icon (in your case 128x128). You have to fine-tune it so that it still resembles the largest icon and optimize it so that whoever is viewing your icon won't get confused as to what it represents or get annoyed by elements you forced to shrink. Think of the My Computer icon in Windows 7. The 16x16 size is front-facing with simplified shape and colors. The 526x526 size is very detailed with shadows, chrome and perspective effect.
  6. Exactly what the title says, how do I change the Pencil tool to a desired pixel size? I've been using Paint.net for a while and I haven't noticed that the Pencil tool is fixed at 1 pixel. Also, is there a way to dock the floating panel (Colors, Tools), maybe put them below the Menu bar and accessible via dropdown button? Thank you.
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