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Peephole Drawing (or some path tools in the future)

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I agree but there is an additional point. The learning curve must be flat enough so that a user gets quickly a result in the beginning. If the tool is working in a way that you first have to read a ton of documentation or to follow a long tutorial then not a lot of people will do it.


That's the reason why this tool adds basic shapes like circles. You can create a circle with a path and internally this is done (a circle consists of 4 bezier segments). But this representation is hidden from the user. Only in edit mode you may switch the circle to a path and modify the control points of the bezier curve.


Clever reasoning good.gif

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One compound path containing several star variants as sub-paths.


It is so good that I want recipe. d(^_^)b .  


I always loved this plugin, will certainly want to use its successor. Is new release out?

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