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I'm new and I need help with a forum avatar and signature, help?

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I know a bit (not a lot) about paint.NET. I've tried making avatars and signatures but they always come out horribly. It's for an anime forum, so it's anime avatars & signatures. Here is what I've done so far:






They don't look good enough. I want to make swirls around it like this:






Can you help me?

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Careful not to offend those who would offer assistance. There are many members than can offer very good advice. Please be patient.

I can also add at a point. I use other 3d software programs more these days, but i rely on this program for final touches. Not everything in life is about what you want when you want it so it fits your schedule.

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I guess nobody cares. >.<

*sigh* Such petulance. Why don't you search for some tutorials to learn from instead of demanding to be led by the hand? Here's one, easily found Render Sig tut.

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