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Get filename on OnSave

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On a FileType plugin, is there a way to access (is any) the filename of the stream on the OnSave callback ?


I am writing an XPM plugin, and it will help is I can put this name into the file instead of hard coded value - not very usefull for embedded XPM into a source file.




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You know we have an XPM filetype plugin?  XPM Filetype


You know - you posted there already :)

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Is filetype plugin can open a dialog box to specify some params ? (I think the answer is yes because the PPM plugin do it, but to be sure)


One could be a string value to replace the "pixmap" string a one entered by the user.

Even if I am not sure it was user friendly (better or worse than using external text editor to do it...)

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You could start from a property based filetype template.

Because XPM can be included in a source file it makes sense to allow the user to change the symbol name.


But you can not preinitialize the edit field with the document title. What would make sense.

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