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How To Make Glitch/Hologram Effect?

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For example, in the Scream And Shout Remix Video, there's an effect that randomly flashes, like they are a glitching hologram (for lack of better description). Such as in the attached pics....

How would I go about making something similar in Paint.Net? Some sort of plugin to help? Thanks in advance....





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I first thought this was like the Jitter effect from Pyrochild's Plugin Pack.

Other options:

Waves or Sine Waves from this plugin pack MadJik's Plugin Pack.

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You're welcome spazman44.  It's good to have you here on the forum :)

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Dents Classic, gives you a very smilar effect like the 1st and 3rd pictures, find it in Ed Harvey Effects Archive


To get the effect, increase the Amount in the Stretch tab, and adjust the Turbulence in the Details tab, you can play with all other options for more distortion.

Thanks for the tip, I kept adjusting the tilt, adjustment, and some other settings, I created the animated text in my current signature



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