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In-lining (oposite of outline)

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so I have a grid set up. say 10X10 each


I then fill in each square of the grid.


I get rid of the grid, left with 10X 10 squares next to each other separated by 1 pixel


then I do an outline to quickly get rid of the spaces between each square.

 now I I have 12 pixel wide line


now I would like to do an Inline (negative outline) to reduce the line back down to 10 pixel (or less ) wide line.


Since it is not exactly a straight line, but rather than a zig zaging line I can't exactly use the pixel selection tool. :(









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I'm confused.  Are you looking for a 12x12 pixel grid with a 1px border?  Or something else?


A sample picture might be helpful...

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I start with this and duplicate the layers




I then fill in the boxes:




I will then get rid of the grid



As you can see, it has "slices"

I use outline to fill them in



Once I do that, superimpose the grid layer

you can tell that I am not past the grid



Is there a way of reverse outlining so that the outline starts at the "New" edge then goes in X amount of pixels? (image not very readable- red text says outlined edge, Blue text says original edge)




So if I oulined in red I could then cut the red out.


Hmmmm... I guess I could outline the black ?





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Try using the CellMaker plugin.  I wrote the original version with this sort of problem in mind.  One of the options is to render the grid using line segments that don't meet at the corners - this option is ideal for removing the "walls" between cells.

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