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  1. I start with this and duplicate the layers I then fill in the boxes: I will then get rid of the grid As you can see, it has "slices" I use outline to fill them in Once I do that, superimpose the grid layer you can tell that I am not past the grid Is there a way of reverse outlining so that the outline starts at the "New" edge then goes in X amount of pixels? (image not very readable- red text says outlined edge, Blue text says original edge) So if I oulined in red I could then cut the red out. Hmmmm... I guess I could outline the black ? T
  2. so I have a grid set up. say 10X10 each I then fill in each square of the grid. I get rid of the grid, left with 10X 10 squares next to each other separated by 1 pixel then I do an outline to quickly get rid of the spaces between each square. now I I have 12 pixel wide line now I would like to do an Inline (negative outline) to reduce the line back down to 10 pixel (or less ) wide line. Since it is not exactly a straight line, but rather than a zig zaging line I can't exactly use the pixel selection tool.
  3. Hopefully this will make sense....... Using Anim8er to make a movie sequence of someone walking. export images as BMP images. Select the walking guy and delete the back ground Found that the walking dude is a little high in the picture. ( I want it 8 pixels from the bottom, not the 16 pixels it currently is.) I will be cropping each picture. is there a way of selecting the exact same crop area over 200 pictures? In the mean time I will change the cmaera angle to compensate the height. Is there a way of using a plug in such as the ALIGN plugin to position the image to a particular point
  4. At the risk of sounding like I am splitting hairs...... I do have a question about necroposting Rule # 11. Why is it that bad? If I search for something, and a very old post comes up and I have a question about it, why is it against the rules to post to it. Wouldn't it keep things streamlined? (all things about subject x in 1 post no matter how old). I understand the relevance of this rule on some forums, and for some subjects on this forum. (I see a post about Hitler last entered in 3 April 1944, I think I will ressurect it with me saying Hitler was bad) but this is a how-to forum for the
  5. @ Sarkut...Same concept but your procedure is MUCH MUCH better
  6. possibe long term solution: If all images have same background, Select the triangle with a Rectangle select, tool lasso it, or just erase it with eraser. pickup adjacent color then paint bucket area. copy that area, and then paste it into each picture, thus eliminating price. Next make triangles with prices and save each one. 3rd open new file import picture on one layer and price on second layer.
  7. Grrrrrrr......... yeah, of course.....and flipping vertically then bringing it to the bottom, then flipping hoirizontally again should give me all 4 sides Thanks, sometimes I get looking in one direction and forget to look at the obvious
  8. I am working with an isometric flat drawing I am wanting to rotate it so it is Rotating the original unfortunately won't give the second result (would make it a diamond going verically) I rotate using the selected pixels then I have to resize. The resize doesn't quiet get it (notice the upper and lower corner), is there a way of getting close like I did, then selecting it and paste it so that way it is the say dimensions as the first pic.
  9. guess I should double check my spelling...... palette not pallette. got the plugin thnaks!
  10. I have a small picture that I would like to create a custom pallette off of. Is there a way of importing the colors off of the picture and into a pallette (other than coller picker tool). Is there a way of then sorting the colors within a pallette?
  11. I have several pictures that when I shrunk them they develop a "ring" of sami-transparency. I was wondering how I can convert those to their full opacity. I found using curves+ helped but also converted my full alpha to black and thus caused another step to remove that. Fortunately my image was eassy, I can see how som images wouldn;t be easy in the future. to clarify... alpha = transparency/opacity? full alpha (can not be seen) is value 0? fully opaque value = 255? so for my application if alpha value <255 and >0 then alpha value = 255
  12. Ah ok wasn't sure if you came up with an easier way
  13. Wow, That is excatly what I was looking for. To give myself credit, my image did look a little but like pdnnoob's but I was so focused on it one way I failed to tryit the way pdnnoob suggested....One of those forest for the trees things. Thanks for all of the suggestions on the perspective thing, I will have to try them all and descide which works best (or easiest if all have same result) OK had a chance to play a little and for the life of me I can't get the plane view to match up to yours, I have been able to obtain the same result but would love to get the actual setting to the 2X1
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