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Exporting layer settings? (Not layers)

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I have a map using multiple layers with different textures/colours/etc on each one. I now want to create a new map but use the same layer settings. Is it possible to export or copy the first map's layer settings to use on the second?

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I am new in Paint net, how can I go to see next image from the folder list in situatiom when I opened some picture, and looking at it? There is no arow for "next image"? As i see, I must open all pictures from sam folder, and then I can use ctrl-tab to go to see any one picture from the folder list.

Thanks in advance.

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@Orgonster make a new thread for a separate topic

@Ropey There isn't a direct way to do it, but if you save the file as a .pdn, then make a copy of it (copy and paste outside of paint.net), that gets you essentially the same effect, though you have to delete the contents of each layer (shortcut: ctrl+a and delete)

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Yup.  File > Save As...  specify a new filename and/or location (retain the *.pdn filetype) and you'll have the copy you want.

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