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  1. The Neutral Wire zip contained a single .dll. Which folder should that go in?
  2. Thank you for those suggestions - I'll take a look.
  3. Hi Maps often use lines with different colour and pattern edges - eg, a red fill with solid black edges for a highway, red with one solid and one dotted for a secondary road, etc; blue with dark blue for a major river, blue with no border for a dry or seasonal river. Assuming no one has created one already (I did search!), how easy would it be for a technical person to create such a tool? I am picturing options for width; fill and edge colours; edge styles. Would anyone be willing to take on the task, as I am not such a technical person?
  4. Hi Does anyone know if there is a plug-in to enable custom line styles? I would like to create maps using the historic style for roads (parallel solid lines), trails (parallel but one side dotted, the other solid) and rivers (blue with black edges).
  5. Hi I have a map using multiple layers with different textures/colours/etc on each one. I now want to create a new map but use the same layer settings. Is it possible to export or copy the first map's layer settings to use on the second?