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Madonna related logo help

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We're happy to help you work out how to make something.  Can you post an image or detailed explanation of what you want to achieve?

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I’m creating some items inspired by pop culture.  My art is not a “copy” of the items that inspire me but rather my imitation so my selling name or id will be m-itation.  I will be working on a web space if I generate interest off the first items I plan to sell on ebay.  I’ve been a Madonna fan for years and have always appreciated the evolution of her brand and graphics.  I would like a logo or graphic imitating a combination or collage of elements from various graphics used in her career.

The first pic below is a recent graphic used and I would like something very similar.  The second pic is closer to what I want but I need help to complete it and make it balanced.  I like the circular and distressed features and the final version would have a clear background.

Please let me know any additional information I can provide.


I would like m-itation.com somewhere in the log and also have been playing with the phrase “art imitates life” and thought about including it in the circle.  I appreciate all ideas and comments.


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As I said above.  We're happy to help you, but won't be doing the job for you.  That's not what the forum is for (it's expressly forbidden under the Forum Rules)


Break your ideas down to single elements and we'll help you get started.  Like this:


Q  "How do I write text in a curve like the top of the graphic where it says 'Official Tour Event'?"


A  Download and install dpy's excellent Circle Text plugin. It writes text into a circle!

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You better be careful with Madonna stuff,it is one of the most protected and copyrighted work out there and could lead to trouble for you.  I am a big fan of her also and saw her a couple months ago in Yankee stadium. I have posted the pictures I took in some places but would not try to use any to make money. 



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