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  1. heavenly help

    thanks pixey and mjw! I framed it for her in a floating frame between two pieces of glass, wrapped in a gold box. I left it on her doorstep with a note from a cherub in heaven letting her know the dog made it to heaven and will be waiting to be reunited someday. When I was younger I heard that when adults pass they become angels and watch over their loved ones. When children pass they become cherubs and their job is to befriend all the pets and play all day.
  2. heavenly help

    i want to thank everybody and this forum. i tried many options and finally decided on a dog's version of heaven with grassy meadows and a light flare effect. thanks again everyone for your help and ideas and all the tutorials on the forum.
  3. heavenly help

    yes, I will try this, I'd like to change the background to a sky. Thanks for the instructions, I like what I'm learning to do with this application
  4. I love animals. Sorry for your friends pet.perrito-51a939e.png


    1. mejallen


      that's very kind, I really loved her like my own. I used to house sit when my friend traveled and got really close to her and decided to adopt my dog. Thanks so much

    2. mejallen


      hi Eli, can I get your advice? I finally got this pic but want to know what can be done to really make it unique. Do you think a flare or sunny light glow would be good and I can research the forums to find out how to do it?


  5. heavenly help

    thanks everyone, I will definitely try, I especially like the illumination ideas from MJW
  6. my friend's pet passed away this week and I'd like to make a pic like the retriever with the halo but don't know how. I've also included the pet pic. Does anyone do this for a small fee? Or, can someone give me instructions? thanks
  7. Madonna related logo help

    Yes, I'm only looking for help, I want to do this myself. How do I get the "distressed" look like the orange graphics in the example? Thanks,
  8. Madonna related logo help

    Sorry, my image didn't post above.
  9. Madonna related logo help

    I’m creating some items inspired by pop culture. My art is not a “copy” of the items that inspire me but rather my imitation so my selling name or id will be m-itation. I will be working on a web space if I generate interest off the first items I plan to sell on ebay. I’ve been a Madonna fan for years and have always appreciated the evolution of her brand and graphics. I would like a logo or graphic imitating a combination or collage of elements from various graphics used in her career. The first pic below is a recent graphic used and I would like something very similar. The second pic is closer to what I want but I need help to complete it and make it balanced. I like the circular and distressed features and the final version would have a clear background. Please let me know any additional information I can provide. I would like somewhere in the log and also have been playing with the phrase “art imitates life” and thought about including it in the circle. I appreciate all ideas and comments. John
  10. Are there any Madonna fans on here that can help me with a lgog or graphic inspired by Madonna? I have an idea of what I want but need someone with experience to help me. Thanks, John
  11. Can someone help with the pattern effect for the font? The font is Bodoni but then an effect or pattern is put over it to make the stripes effect. There are a few tutorials online but all are for photoshop. I'd like to get the pattern so I can apply it to the font and to other graphics.
  12. Thank you both for the information, I will try that.
  13. I've used to edit and enhance photos but have not tried creating any filters. I would like to duplicate the filter used on the Madonna MDNA album and would appreciate any assistance you guys can offer. I found a tutorial on youtube but it was in spanish and for photoshop. I'm not sure if i can attach an image of the cover since it is a registered image. Thanks, John