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Replacing one part of an image with another (I'm almost afraid to post--)

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Can someone please tell me if I cut a part of an image out, and want to replace with another image, is there any way

to know the correct size (in pixels) to make it match the deleted image portion?

I tried Properties but it gave me the dimensions for the entire image.

And I have no copy of the deleted portion to check its size because I enlarged it when I placed it originally in the entire image and didn't save it separately.

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I'm sorry to have to report this, but I did as you said, and guess what? It put up the first layer of the last file I'd use--which is just a little rectangle with the I'm really not here checkerboard.

I tried all I knew to delete it--but for one thing the little red X wasn't even highlighted so I couldn't use it. I used delete, I used don't save, and I gave up.

So what am I doing wrong/ I also pushed ctrl z and esc. Couldn't lose it.

But I thank you for at least responding in a nice way to me.

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Thanks for the try, SAND33P--

Here's what it said:

selection top left 0. 8in, 0.48 in; bounding rectangle size: 14.81 X 17.5 inches; area 259.37 in. square. ( would that be square inches?) The area I selected isn't square.

And no pixels. Can you translate what it means? For one thing, I don't think the "bounding rectangle" could possibly be that large! It's for a Kindle cover, and while they convert it to fit, I sure didn't think their required cover size is so big!

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I'm afraid even the Paint.net program doesn't want me to do my cover. Besides refusing to paste between images (and I used EVERYthing I was told to do) it now when I told it to make a copy of my signature--otherwise it leaves the accent off my name--and it has done exactly what I asked with this same font, same size, but now--now it is too big to go "on the canvas" and not only that refused to do it in White--has to be black--

And don't even ASK--Yes both primary and secondary were showing white!

Could the program haven't gotten corrupted while I tried to figure out how it works??

I'm very tired and frustrated. Looks like I'll just use a plain cover with the title and Hopefully my name! And delete PdN. It doesn't like anyone but young graphic enthusiasts I guess.

I gave it the old school try and I know this time for certain--it's not me!!

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Yeah please ask questions! That's what the forum's here for.

However, please rename the title of the thread to reflect the question, instead of a generic cry for help (which makes navigating and searching more difficult) (imagine someone searching for the same question you asked, how would they know that your thread has the answer in it ...)

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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