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  1. I tried that, Helen, but it carries a transparency around the image I'm cutting out. And that's what I want to lose. Again, I need it as if it were cut out with scissors. So that's there's no extemperaneous transparency to have to deal with.
  2. I understood that A only selected when I saw my image turn light blue/grey. But I need to really study your tutuorial to find out how to cut an image--as I used before say a running horse--out of the pack--without having any transparency go with it. An exact cut-out as if I'd used scissors. I think maybe somehow the magic wand would be involved? I certainly can't do it by selecting it manually. My hands just aren't steady enough. So as I asked before--is there some way to 'clip' an image out as if I were using scissors--and then paste it into a new image? Say cowboys trying to lasso a running horse (that wasn't there in the original image). And without anything else--including transparency--but the running horse?
  3. Jim, that is a wonderful tutorial! Clearly explained and clearly shown and reasons given why for following your instructions!! I wish you'd make a book of instructions for all the tricks that PdN can do!! With the keys that go with the commands that make them work. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through it and when I have the time I want to study it in more detail since learning one thing often opens the door for me to figuring something else out on my own. Thanks for a tut it was a pleasure to read! Renee
  4. Well, I thank God I have a mentor from here who knows I have a working brain! There is nothing that either you, Scott nor you, Jim (although admitedly I haven't followed your link yet) said that I didn't already know. And do! For some reason the image on the canvas was only on the background layer--not the layer I was told to make when I opened the source file. I did make the blank layer--and surprise, surprise, I have sense enough to know when a layer is blue--and then I used ctrl A as instructed to put the "canvas" image on the new layer. It did not work. I suppose since it was already on the background layer that I had been ignoring in my effort to get the image to the new layer. When I finally saw it, I simply clicke on it and copied it and then it worked. This forum is no help to me because I'm treated like a kindergartener. I assure you I'm at least 4th grade.
  5. Again, thanks. But I'd tried that and it didn't seem to work. So I'll try again. I must be the only one in the world who not only can mess up, but find my own unique ways to do it! IE: I finally figured out what was making the transparent background copy without my musical note! I'd made an additional layer as I supposed the instructions said to when I opened the source file--and I'd used ctrl A, then C, etc. Only as it turned out when the source loaded, it had loaded as the background layer and the ctrl A wasn't doing anything! So all I finally did was just ctrl C on the background layer and it worked! So I'll check out the link you sent and then see what happens. Sometimes the entire image expands not just the selection--lord knows how I do that! Part two: the figrure I want to enlarge is part of a larger group and when I enlarge it, a transparency appears where the smaller figure was. I cannot fill the transparency because it still should have the now smaller figures in place. It wouldn't work with a simple rectangle so I tried the lasso, but again it's an intricate figure so again I moved it ok but still got the transparency. I haven't been very successful with the magic wand doing anything--and as I understand it, it's just for color anyway. Although the example shows the guy riding the flying bike. So would that indicate it can be used to enlarge just a piece of a background?? I don't think I'm far enough advanced for this. That's why I asked for detailed steps. So once again, the figure--say a running horse is in a pack of running horses and I want to single one out for enlarging--and still have the place I "grew" it from remain intact. As I said, maybe it can't be done.
  6. I'm sure for most of you this is a walk in the park, but for me--is there a simple way to make one character in an image larger than the rest? Thank you. And if it can be done simply, can you please outline the steps for me? In detail.
  7. Import from file did fine. EXCEPT the notes transferred up into the left hand corner with the little box around them. BUT when I tried to move them to where I wanted them--the box moved fine; the image didn't. It stayed happily up in its corner, where of course I have no use for it. I think like I think some people on here do, Paint.Net hates me!
  8. PS I didn't understand about your two files in one. I don't want my destination file any different from what it is. It's the source file that needs a transparent background. But I will try the import from file to see what you're saying that I don't understand.
  9. Helen, I'm ready to cry--something I do not do easily. But with a broken right thumb that healed into bad arthritis (the orthopedist even commented on it in surprise! ) I actually drew the image I needed. Luckily it was a simple musical note, because I had a time getting the tools where they went! But finally I did it. I made a transparent background first (that way I wouldn't have to try to erase) and drew my image on that. Then I made sure I saved it as a pdn. Then I again put up my destination image, did the new layer then ctrl thing with A, C on the source image, and Ctrl V on the destination--- And guess what?? It wouldn't transfer anything but the transparent background!! But on the file, the notes show up very well. They just won't leave the source file! Just as it was doing before I spent over an hour or more drawing the blasted new source image!! WHY O Why won't it behave like it's supposed to??? And transfer the image with the transparent background--and not just the background alone?? I hope and pray someone will recognize what I must be doing wrong. It's really getting to me. Spending days to do this-- not to mention all the bad covers and title changes I've gone through.
  10. Helen, Here's the thing and maybe you missed it or I didn't explain it clearly enough--whatever--but I knew that the jpg wouldn't support transparency so I saved it as a pdn file and worked from there. I erased all the white that showed in the pdn file. Except I didn't get all of it because as I said with neuropathy and age my hands can't do close work too well--even though I enlarged it to 500% and thought I'd gotten it all, I hadn't. But at least the first time I went thru all the steps above it worked. I put the source image right where I wanted it but it never would again. Even though I repeated the steps just as I had before, it left the image behind and just transferred the transparent background. However since a small am't of white background still peeps through around the image in the source file when I save it back to a JPG--I can't use it anyway. Can't have the white showing around what I've transferred. If this isn't clear enough it's the best I can explain--taken together with all the steps I listed in the above post. Thank you for trying to help but unless you can tell me a secret way to erase more accurately. . .
  11. Okay, Helen, I've got a new one. By the time I get a response maybe I can solve it by myself, or at any rate find a work-around. I want to put one image into another. So step one, I took a jpg picture and saved it as a pdn, so I was working in the same (whatever the term is for the extension) Step two, I erased all of the white background that neuropathy and eyesight would let me. Step three. I then went to a new canvas and opened the destination image. Four: I loaded the redone jpg/pdn image (source image) Five: I clicked on a new layer with that image showing--i.e.: background checkered, redone image showing Six then I clicked on ctrl A, then ctrl C Seven then I went to the destination image and clicked ctrl. Ah but!! The souce image loaded all right--without anything but the background checkerboard! It was my second attempt to put the source image on the destination image --The first try having succeeded. This one for some reason will not put the actual image (source) on the main (destination) image. Which is very strange to me because it worked the first time. And there you have it. No source image, except the checkerboard background will copy. So please tell me what I did wrong between the first and second attempt to move the source to the destination, and whu # 1 worked and #2 didn't. Thank you.
  12. Dear Jim, Thank you for your well-expressed thoughts about the manner in which I should behave. Or at any rate, your feelings on the subject.
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