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I have to request on Text Layer.

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hmm... i'm live in non-english country, because i don't use english well... sorry :-)

i want to make a TEXT ONLY LAYER.

if i want change a font or size, just click a layer and change a font or size. like-photoshop.

but, not same-photoshop. i think layer is make a ONLY ONE. it's enough.

Dr. Developer, I want to medicine(answer) of solve this request! (lol)

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So...you want a default text layer that acts as a built in word processor?

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Brand new plugin might help: Text+.

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While you are typing and the cursor is still flashing, you can change the font and its size. As long as the cursor is active, you still have an opportunity to evaluate whether you are satisfied with what you've done. You can see it's position, you can see the font and how it looks on the image, and you can see it's size and color. All of which can be changed while the cursor is still active.

You must remember this is a graphics program, so at some point the text must become a graphic so that it too can be manipulated like other graphics (blurs, shadows, flipping, and the list goes on and on). This occurs when you deselect or simply move your cursor to a new position to start a new line (much like the line tool whereas the line is still active so you can resize and/or reshape it).

EDIT: Fixed a typo

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