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How do you remove power lines from photos?

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I think thats what there called but it's starting to get very annoying having these things come up when i try and combine double spreads.

Is there a way to remove them and can some post how please.

All just post the photo if you don't know what I'm talking about.

http://imgur.com/IEFE7 The line in the center is what I'm trying to get rid of.

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Looks line a scanning artifact. Stretching the remining material would cover the gap, but might look a little obvious.

What about selecting the right hand side of the image and moving it a few pixels left to cover the white line?

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It's not that ugly :) In context with the whole image (which is very busy) I think it's a very good option. I had to look twice to spot it.

Nice job Welshy!

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Unfortunately, the real issue with the picture isn't so much about the line itself being there, but rather what should be in that space. The line is misleading as part of the image itself is missing, and it's not the same amount as the line would lead you to believe, it's actually a much wider section.

To me, I'm not sure which version is worst, the original w/the line or the fix.

Welsh: Just an FYI - I was able to get the same result as you, but my methodology wasn't as you had (stricken-out) described it. I used the selection tool starting from outside the image at location 781px (this selects on the right side of the white line) and selected to the right and down. Once selected, I cut and pasted within the same layer. This immediately permits you to move that portion. Then using the arrow keys, I shifted it to the left until it came up flush with the leftside image (slightly overlap to cover the original white line - there wasn't any need to copy it to another layer). I only mention this as it is slightly quicker since you're eliminating the need to select the white line and delete it.

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Great, now the missing (8 pixels) is available,

Open both parts in a big canvas size ( about 1568W x 1145H) each on it is own separate layer

Put first image (Msuo2) to the left and second (8vla9) to the right side of the canvas ( use Align Object or Gravity plugins for this purpose)

Then you will notice a dark line ( of one pixel) from top to bottom in the center, and that is related to the second image (left edge)

Select that one pixel line, Copy it and Paste it in to new layer, then adjust its brightnes and contrast using Brightness/Contrast tool ( you may need to select small parts from the line and adjust them separately)

Quick example


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