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Unspecified error while saving.

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Been using Paint.net for 5 months and loves it, but today when trying to save a piece of work which took me over 4 hours......I got the error msg of "Unspecified error while saving".

I've googled this problem and tried out all the possible solutions i found but none worked out for me, can anyone please help?

I need to save as PSD, PDN, PNG.

Thanks in advance~

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Are you working on a large image? If so, maybe this thread will help you (?):


Thanks Jim.

I've already been to that thread and tried out the recommended solution and it still won't let me save.

By large, well.... i don't know lol..... is 3264x2448 considered large? i take the pictures using my galaxy note then transfer them to my work computer .

Appreciate your reply tho, cheers~

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..... is 3264x2448 considered large?

It depends on how much RAM your computer has, and how many layers you're using.

That size image will consume (3264 x 2448 x 4 x (layers + 2)) bytes of memory. ~95MB for only 1 layer, ~127MB for 2 layers, etc.

If you've got a fairly standard 2GB RAM then that shouldn't be a problem at all.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I have managed to fixed this issue by moving all my files from the USB memory stick (only had like 300mb or something freespace) to the computer, this some how fixed my saving problem.

Is this suppose to be normal right? so i shouldn't be working from my usb ?


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300mb of free space leaves little 'wriggle' room to stuff large files into.

At the size you're working at, a handful of layers would break the 300mb that you have available (see Rick's post for the calculation).

You can comfortably work from a USB if there is enough free space. Smaller images, fewer images or a larger USB would all lead to more space being available.

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