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I am using paint.NET for the first time. I am using it to create images that I will later call into an Excel sheet. These images are built in Excel, then copy-pasted into paint.NET. The problem is that when I select anything in Excel and paste it into paint.NET, it creates a canvas that is the proper size, but the images from Excel are offset both down and to the right. I have found that this is remedied by pasting into Paint first, then cutting it and pasting into paint.NET, but that gets rather tedious. Is there something I'm missing that would make this easier. BTW, I have tried creating a new canvas and pasting the image into a new canvas with the same results. Thanks in advance!

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I am using Excel 2003. I am making pictures and putting in text boxes as labels to fit the size of the space I need it to later be called into. Same thing happened with a random picture that I put labels on and copied from excel, but I used paint.NET for the screenshot and it worked fine. Is it the text boxes from Excel?

Also, I took a screenshot and saved it as several different types of picture files from paint.NET and none of them will allow me to attach it to my post, they all say I cannot attach that kind of file. Not really sure how to attach a picture then.

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Just copy-pasting a picture itself only offsets the picture by a little bit, but add a text box in and it offsets is almost an inch down and an inch left. The canvas is the right size, it just cuts off part of the picture completely. I have tried to move it up into the space that is the correct size for it and that portion of the picture is completely gone.

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Oh I see what's happening. Here's a question for you. What was the original size of the canvas and the image size itself?

The issue, from what I am seeing, is the image was bigger than the canvas' size. Before you pasted the image, did Paint.NET prompted you with the dialog that says "The Image you are pasting is bigger than the canvas size, do you wish..." and it gives you three options to choose from. My personal suggestion is to click the 2nd option (I think), which allows you to keep the canvas size, but allows you to scale down the image to fit the canvas, or you could click on expanding the canvas size to accommodate the size of the image, and you can always resize the image later.

Unfortunately, once you deselect the image, and you try to move it, the information that was contain inside the selection is gone.

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I've never seen this happen before...probably because I don't use excel for pictures

How are you copying and pasting? By that, I mean what process do you go through to perform the transfer. For example, are you clicking on the image, then pressing ctrl+c, or are you right clicking on the image and selecting "copy" or whatever. Sometimes, how you do it may affect the result. My current hypothesis is that the image is approximately an inch down and to the left in the excel document or something along those lines...

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I have been selecting the images and corresponding text boxes in excel first, then hitting ctrl+c to copy. Then I hit ctrl+v to paste into Paint, ctrl+x to cut out of Paint, and ctrl+alt+v to paste into a new image into paint.NET.

I just tried to use different methods of copy-paste to no avail.

pdnnoob, I think you are right, it corresponds to where in the Excel document the image is. I tried copying an image that is several inches down in the document and it doesn't even show up on the canvas at all, I'm thinking it is several inches down in paint.NET as well.

I tried pasting into a new layer of an existing image and I don't think that will work either. The little preview it gives you when it asks whether you want to expand the canvas or resize the picture showed the image offset as well, so it seems like it just comes out of Excel like that. Not sure why. Anybody have any other ideas? I'm about to resign to just pasting and cutting out of Paint first from now on.

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I've seen a similar thing with positional pasting within PDN itself actually (not quite the exact same, but it is related)... While I'm not sure how PDN on the code level works with the clipboard, it will seem to try and match positional information from within itself with things ...

I'll see if I can create an example to share of how and when it does this, but let me try text first. From what I recall you can reproduce it by making a selection in the center of a standard (800x600) canvas (small selection, like 100x100 pixels) Then paste that into a new, hand created image with dimensions of say, 400x250 (something random but smaller than the original, or conversely larger) ... you should see the paste from the original trying to land on wherever that selection was made. Relatively positioned from the upper left corner. I dont recall when or why it "wont" do that as well ... Just recall its helpful sometimes when trying to work with multiple image starts (icons, sprites etc) ...

While I know this doesn't solve your dilemma, it may offer up suggestion as to why the problem is happening.

I've also wondered if the plugin like "Tile from Clipboard" will have a different take on the positional information being used from the environment ... Just something else to test in this case.

**EDIT: Nope, it sort of keeps positional information from the original layer but it will move both vertically and horizontally into the new image size. Would have sworn it would go over the edge of the canvas, so its just barely related after all.

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I fixed something related to copying and pasting from Excel about two years ago. And then again a year ago.

Different versions of Excel have their own quirks with how they copy data to the clipboard. That is to say, your Excel 2003 has the bug. A newer version of Excel would likely work just fine.

This will not be "fixed" in Paint.NET, as it would likely cause 10 other copy+paste scenarios to break (the clipboard is a fragile thing). Sorry.

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