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Localization into French


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Oops, didn't see this subject.

So, to be not completely uselesse, here is my contribution to the "not translated yet" part.

Clouds effect:

Clouds: nuages

Scale: Taille (échelle?)

Roughness: dureté

Blend Mode: mode de fusion

Random Seed: génération aléatoire

Reseed: regénérer

[all the text stuff]: Pour changer les couleurs de l'effet nuage, il vous suffit de régler les couleurs primaire et secondaire dans la fenêtre correspondante (Couleurs)



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Hi Skro,

thanks for your input. For the sake of completeness, I'm down with 66 strings left to localize. These strings are:

  • ; Paint.NET Palette File\r\n; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments\r\n; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers: aarrggbb\r\n; For example, this would specify green: FF00FF00\r\n; The alpha ('aa') value specifies how transparent a color is. FF is fully opaque, 00 is fully transparent.\r\n; A palette must consist of ninety six (96) colors. If there are less than this, the remaining color\r\n; slots will be set to white (FFFFFFFF). If there are more, then the remaining colors will be ignored.
    Transfer Map
    Drag a nub to adjust the gradient. Right click nub to swap colors. Press Enter to finish, or Esc to undo.
    Offset: {0}{1} x {2}{3}, Length: {4} {5}, Angle: {6}°. Holding other mouse button will move both nubs.
    Linear (Reflected)
    Backward Diagonal
    Diagonal Cross
    Forward Diagonal
    Light Downard Diagonal
    Left button: Replace. Ctrl+Left: Add. Right: Subtract. Ctrl+Right: Invert.
    Automatically adjusts the input white point, black point, and output gamma to equalize the image
    Toggle manipulation of the blue channel
    Toggle manipulation of the green channel
    This histogram shows the distribution of color in the original image.
    This histogram shows a preview of the distribution of color in the resultant image
    Toggle manipulation of the red channel
    Input White Point (double click to choose)
    Input Black Point (double click to choose)
    Output White Point (double click to choose)
    Output Black Point (double click to choose)
    Left click to draw with primary color, right click to use secondary color
    Drag nubs to curve line (right button for Bezier), or press Enter to finish line, or draw elsewhere for a new line.
    Offset: {0}{1} x {2}{3}, Length: {4} {5}, Angle: {6}°
    Click to select an area of similar color. Use Ctrl+Left Click to add, Right click to subtract, Ctrl+Shift+Left Click to invert (xor).
    Alpha &blending
    Drag the selection to move. Drag the nubs to scale. Drag with right mouse button to rotate.
    Finish Selection
    Drag the selection to move. Drag the nubs to scale. Drag with right mouse button to rotate.
    Finish Pixels
    Rotate Pixels
    Scale Pixels
    Move Pixels
    Left click to draw with primary color, right click to draw with secondary color
    Left click to fill a region with the primary color, right click to fill with the secondary color
    When zoomed in close, click and drag to navigate the image
    Left click to draw freeform, one-pixel wide lines with the primary color, right click to use the secondary color
    Left button: Replace. Ctrl+Left: Add. Right: Subtract. Ctrl+Right: Invert. Hold shift: Constrain to square.
    Click and drag to draw a rectangle (right click for background color). Hold shift to constrain to a square.
    Super Sampling
    * Super Sampling will be used
    Fine Tuning
    Roll / Rotate
    Preserve background
    X Pan:
    Y Pan:
    Twist Angle:
    Twist Radius:
    Click and drag to draw a rounded rectangle (right click for background color). Hold shift to constrain.
    This image was saved with an older version of Paint.NET. If you save it, it will not be readable by that older version.\r\n\r\nSaved with: Paint.NET v{0}\r\nCurrent version: Paint.NET v{1}
    Paint.NET Installer Help\r\n\r\nCommand-line options:\r\n\r\n/skipConfig - Skips configuration of options and install directory. Uses MSI properties in the following order of precedence: 1. supplied on command-line, 2. read from HKLM\\Software\\Paint.NET, 3. default values. NOTE: Use of this option infers acceptance of the License Agreement.\r\n/auto - Automatic install. Infers /skipConfig. Does not show the final wizard page that details the result of installation.\r\n/createMsi - Creates MSI packages that may be used for deployment (AD/GPO) purposes. All properties specified on the command-line are merged into the MSI packages, so no further transforms are necessary.\r\nPROPERTY=VALUE - Sets an MSI property. See help file after installing for more information. You do not need to specify /saveMsi to specify properties.\r\n\r\nReturn code is 0 on success, or non-zero on failure.
    There was an unhandled error, and Paint.NET must be closed. Refer to the file '{0}', which has been placed on your desktop, for more information.
    Left click to place the text cursor, and then type to enter text. Text is drawn with the primary color.
    Drag the nub to move the text. Hold Ctrl to hide nub and cursor. Tap Ctrl to toggle nub.
    Tile Reflection
    Rotation Angle (degrees)
    After click:
    Twisting amount
    Saving in this file format will "flatten" the image, discarding all layering information and hidden layers.\r\nProceed?
    The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) library, "wiaaut.dll" is unavailable. Please read the Help file (Help menu -> Help Topics), in the Frequently Asked Questions topic, for troubleshooting information.
    Display grid when zoomed in
    Left click to zoom in, right click to zoom out, middle click to slide

I've to do some research for some of these, and check them into context also.


Olivier Guinart


-Please do not send email directly to this alias. This alias is for newsgroup purposes only

-This posting is provided “AS ISâ€

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Hi Skro,

thanks for your input. For the sake of completeness, I'm down with 66 strings left to localize.

I've taken them and I'll see what I can do with it.

I'll get you py PM when I've something consistent to bring you back.



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Hi Skro,

thanks for your offer for help. Please don't worry too much about these, as I've started working on them already.

Input we are looking for is of course bug reporting, in terms of functionality, in the product, independant of any language, and then, in regards to languages, whether we have inconsistencies (something called X here, and the same thing called Y there), typos, truncations, duplicate hotkeys (I'm sure I've tons of these :(, gender mismatch (for instance, I had "couleur/palette principal" at the beginning, because the noun and adjective were different strings, so lack of context), controls overlapping, etc...

Thanks !

Olivier Guinart


-Please do not send email directly to this alias. This alias is for newsgroup purposes only

-This posting is provided “AS ISâ€

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  • 3 weeks later...
Good morning everyone,

we are quickly approaching the final release date (ETA=Feb. the 1st). If you have feedback on the quality of the translations (or the product in general as well), please post it as soon as possible.



First of all (and first impression), when you change the language to french, you don't say "tenue en compte", mais "prise en compte" in the dialog box (yes, I use Pdn in english, basically for plugins reasons)

Then, I hadn't anything which burst into my face, except one question: Why in the Color window The Hue/Saturation/intensity is translated NSV while in the Adjusment menu, it is translated Nuanc/Saturation/Intensité (which would be NSI, not NSV)?

Oh I almost forgot: in the Rotate/Zoom dialog box, there is a problem in the "Deplacement X" and "Deplacement Y" libelles: we only read "Déplacem".

That's all I see for the moment. Be back when I find out something else ;)



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Quick and Dirty:

Affichage > Grandeur réelle : Taille réelle sounds better.

Remplissage (Paintbrush toolbar) > Pourcentage xx: xx%

Effets > Détection des contours : détection des angles, des cotés, ... so it cannot be confuser with the Contour (Outline) effect.

E > flou Transversal: Flou radial

E > Lumière : Halo

E > Déformation > Torsion : Twist sounds funny :lol:

Colors Window > More > N{value slider} : HSV is generaly traducted in TSV (Teinte Saturation Valeur)

See wikipedia : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hue_saturation_value

ResamplingAlgorithm.SuperSampling - Superéchantillonage : suréchantillonnage (always wikipedia:http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersampling)

ResizeDialog.ResampleMethod.Bicubic Bi cubique : Bi-cubique or Bicubique

HistoryForm.FastForwardButton.ToolTipText Répéter tout (avance rapide) : I think you can delete (avance rapide), it does not really make sense in French

ZoomConfigWidget.Error.TooSmall Le zoom doit être au moins 1% : Le zoom doit être d'au moins 1%

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  • I don't have any "tenir en compte" in my resources, but only "prendre en compte" (in the palette files, and in the change language dialog indeed); remember to use the latest version of the beta always
    Good catch on HSV: I followed Bob's recommendation and changed "hue" to "teinte" (and the accronym as well, to TSV)
    Truncations: escalated for (may be) a fix in the dialog itself (there are more than 2 in this single dialog)
    Grandeur réelle -> taille réelle : change implemented
    Pourcentage xx - >xx% : change implemented
    Détection des contours changed to détection des bords, so be consistent with Vista terminology
    Lumière changed to éclat, to be consistent with Picture it and Digital Image terminology
    Déformation -> Torsion: I'm keeping this as-is, unless the English terminology changes
    Super échantillonage and bi cubique are one word each now (no more space)
    I'm keeping "avance rapide", given that I have the others there as well (pas à pas)
    au moins changed to d'au moins

This is very good feedback and it improves the quality of the product.

Thank you !

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I use Pdn 3.0 beta 3 though...

Screenshot to prove it:


Of course, this can be an artefact from an older version, as I used the automatic update...

I've also seen something else in the shortcuts. 'Shift' should be changed to 'Maj' (e.g. for the "Paste into new layer" option, Ctrl+Shift+V => Ctrl+Maj+V).

Not a big issue, but 'Maj' looks more familiar to frenchies ;)



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Hi Skro,

you're right, the latest install still shows up with "tenir en compte", which is unfortunate (I've fixed this on 12/22). Same for shift, there's not a single one left in the French translations on my machine, but the latest drop still has them.

For anyone interested in getting the latest beta French resources to test them before the next drop (next drop is the 19th), please send me an email at olivier_guinart@yahoo.com.


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  • 6 months later...

Hi all,

you probably saw Rick's announcement on upcoming v3.10 version. Below are the new strings (tab separated) and their French translation as of today. Don't hesitate in letting me know if anything is not correct or could be improved.

Thanks !

Source Term Translation


DirectDraw Surface (DDS) DirectDraw Surface (DDS)

Additional Options Options supplémentaires

Cluster fit (Slow/HQ) Par groupes (lent/QH)

Compressor Type Type de compression

Error Metric Mesure d'erreur

DXT1 (Opaque/1-bit Alpha) DXT1 (Opaque/Alpha 1 bit)

DXT3 (Explicit Alpha) DXT3 (Alpha explicite)

DXT5 (Interpolated Alpha) DXT5 (Alpha interpolé)

Generate Mip Maps Générer les images MIP

Iterative fit (Slowest/HQ) Itératif (le plus lent/QH)

Perceptual Perceptuelle

Range fit (Fast/LQ) Par intervalles (rapide/QF)

Uniform Uniforme

Weight Color By Alpha Evaluer les couleurs par valeur alpha

&Retry &Réessayer

The file name is too long. Please try a shorter name. Le nom de fichier est trop long. Essayez un nom plus court.

Coloring Coloriage

Ink Outline Contour à l'encre

Ink Sketch Croquis à l'encre

Please ensure that Paint.NET is closed, and then click Retry. Or, press Cancel to exit the setup wizard. Veuillez vous assurer que Paint.NET est fermé, et cliquez sur "Réessayer". Ou cliquez sur Annuler pour quitter l'Assistant.

Lighting Eclairage

Softness Douceur

Warmth Ton

Soften Portrait Adoucir portrait

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  • 3 months later...

Latest localized (in French) resources file, working with the beta of Paint.NET 3.20 Alpha 2, can be found here: http://cid-7a77f1a922f9d9dd.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Paint.NET.

To install, copy/paste the above file in your Paint.NET folder, replacing the one installed (backup the one installed before, of course).

A couple of resources might show up unlocalized, but I've only found these during setup.

As always, feedback and comments much appreciated.


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  • 5 months later...

Hi Olivier,

I'm working with PdN 3.30. I have not found translation error but one bug (i'm not sure about it) : Effects menu, there are both Render items ; Render AND Rendu (English AND French).

Plugins problem or translation error?

Thank you for your great job!

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Hello zisworg,

the bitmap you linked doesn't display (and I don't have a login for the hosting web site).

I'm guessing that you might have an extra plug-in installed that might be loading? I've 3.30 still installed on my machine and I don't see two render menu entries, I only have one Rendu entry and it displays 3 sub-menus:

  • [*:k17p2xcj]Fractale Julia
    [*:k17p2xcj]Fractale Mandelbrot

What do you have on your side?

Thanks! I'm glad you like the translations! :D

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Ok, this is the bad Render menu:


And the good Rendu menu:


So, the plugins are:

* Borders N'Shapes: pyrochild v.1.6

* Dither, Lattice and Textile: Ed Harvey Effects v.3.30

BUT Weave is also Ed Harvey Effects V.3.30 :?:

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I can confirm that there are 2 Render submenus (one localized, the other in english) and a Color menu (untranslated). This appears regardless of the language chosen for the interface, with the exception of english (where the Effects menu has a single Render submenu, as it should be). I am using PDN 3.31 on XP SP2. The installation is an upgrade from PDN 3.30.

Later edit: I have unistalled PDN and the reinstalled it. The duplicate menu does not appear anymore and also the Color menu does not appear. It seems that in PDN 3.30 the Ed Harvey effects were included in the installation and they caused the localization problems. In PDN 3.31 they are not installed by default.

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