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  1. Hi Aethec, OK, I've implemented all your recommendations, but the "francais" one (despite my original answer, I would have tried to capitalize the word, because it comes at the beginning of a sentence, but it's not part of the resources, and comes from the .Net framework localized language name, so not available to me). Good job, really, because that's a deep UI scrub you ran. Thank you!
  2. FYI, Paint.Net 3.5 released on the week-end of the last posts, so I'll update the translations, post the corrections, and we'll just wait for the next release, 3.5.1, that will come out soon I've read. For all readers of this forum, like Aethec, please send your feedback if you have any about the French translations, it makes a difference! Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the feedback Aethec, I'll see what I can do this week-end or next week. From a quick look: 1- A propos de : good catch, thanks. 2- francais : because it's the language, and not the people, it's shouldn't be capitalized. 3- Radius : duh, how could I miss that one?! :oops: Thanks 4- Aero: what operating system do you use? Note also that the English version mentions buttons too... I'll double-check in any case 5- Randomisation : I looked for a better word but didn't find one; note that the noun and the verb exist in French (Larousse definitions: randomisation nom féminin Act
  4. Hi all, please find below the resources that were recently added/updated and their French translations. For easy review, you can copy the blob below and paste it into Excel (it's a tab separated list). All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Source Term Translation Previous Source About {0} A propos de {0} New Layer Nouveau calque {0} v{1}{2} {0} v{1}{2} &Load From Toolbar &Charger à partir de la barre d'outils &Reset &Réinitialiser ; Paint.NET Palette File\r\n; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments\r\n; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers:
  5. Hi Aethec, Indeed ! Now fixed for next version (3.5) Thanks! Keep sending feedback.
  6. Hello zisworg, the bitmap you linked doesn't display (and I don't have a login for the hosting web site). I'm guessing that you might have an extra plug-in installed that might be loading? I've 3.30 still installed on my machine and I don't see two render menu entries, I only have one Rendu entry and it displays 3 sub-menus: [*:k17p2xcj]Fractale Julia [*:k17p2xcj]Fractale Mandelbrot [*:k17p2xcj]Nuages... What do you have on your side? Thanks! I'm glad you like the translations!
  7. Latest localized (in French) resources file, working with the beta of Paint.NET 3.20 Alpha 2, can be found here: http://cid-7a77f1a922f9d9dd.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Paint.NET. To install, copy/paste the above file in your Paint.NET folder, replacing the one installed (backup the one installed before, of course). A couple of resources might show up unlocalized, but I've only found these during setup. As always, feedback and comments much appreciated. Enjoy!
  8. Hi all, you probably saw Rick's announcement on upcoming v3.10 version. Below are the new strings (tab separated) and their French translation as of today. Don't hesitate in letting me know if anything is not correct or could be improved. Thanks ! Source Term Translation ************************************************************* DirectDraw Surface (DDS) DirectDraw Surface (DDS) Additional Options Options supplémentaires Cluster fit (Slow/HQ) Par groupes (lent/QH) Compressor Type Type de compression Error Metric Mesure d'erreur DXT1 (Opaque/1-bit Alpha) DXT1 (Opaque/Alpha 1 bit)
  9. Good catch Bob. I've just fixed that. Thanks !
  10. Hi Skro, you're right, the latest install still shows up with "tenir en compte", which is unfortunate (I've fixed this on 12/22). Same for shift, there's not a single one left in the French translations on my machine, but the latest drop still has them. For anyone interested in getting the latest beta French resources to test them before the next drop (next drop is the 19th), please send me an email at olivier_guinart@yahoo.com. Thanks,
  11. I don't have any "tenir en compte" in my resources, but only "prendre en compte" (in the palette files, and in the change language dialog indeed); remember to use the latest version of the beta always Good catch on HSV: I followed Bob's recommendation and changed "hue" to "teinte" (and the accronym as well, to TSV) Truncations: escalated for (may be) a fix in the dialog itself (there are more than 2 in this single dialog) Grandeur réelle -> taille réelle : change implemented Pourcentage xx - >xx% : change implemented Détection des contours changed to détection des bords, so be consis
  12. Thanks both for your feedback Skro and Bob; much appreciated! I'll work on it tomorrow, and let you know how did it go. Thanks again,
  13. Good morning everyone, we are quickly approaching the final release date (ETA=Feb. the 1st). If you have feedback on the quality of the translations (or the product in general as well), please post it as soon as possible. Thanks!
  14. Good morning Bob, please send me your report when you have a chance, and I'll take a look at it. Thanks ! And happy new year 2007 to everyone ! Olivier Guinart olivierg@online.microsoft.com - Please do not send email directly to this alias. This alias is for newsgroup purposes only - This posting is provided “AS ISâ€
  15. Hi Skro, thanks for your offer for help. Please don't worry too much about these, as I've started working on them already. Input we are looking for is of course bug reporting, in terms of functionality, in the product, independant of any language, and then, in regards to languages, whether we have inconsistencies (something called X here, and the same thing called Y there), typos, truncations, duplicate hotkeys (I'm sure I've tons of these , gender mismatch (for instance, I had "couleur/palette principal" at the beginning, because the noun and adjective were different strings, so lack of co
  16. Hi Skro, thanks for your input. For the sake of completeness, I'm down with 66 strings left to localize. These strings are: ; Paint.NET Palette File\r\n; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments\r\n; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers: aarrggbb\r\n; For example, this would specify green: FF00FF00\r\n; The alpha ('aa') value specifies how transparent a color is. FF is fully opaque, 00 is fully transparent.\r\n; A palette must consist of ninety six (96) colors. If there are less than this, the remaining color\r\n; slots will be set to white (FFFFFFFF). If there are more,
  17. Thanks for your suggestion Bob; I'll look into it. Olivier.
  18. This Beta version is almost fully localized (90%) into French. While this is not the final translation yet, I would appreciate feedback on the translation and any suggestions you may have to improve it. Thanks ! Olivier.
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