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  1. I can't vote (don't know why), but I do answer. I'm using Windows XP sp2. Why no SP3? Because everything works fine with SP2, I download critical security updates, and I know that some softwares I'm using have issues with XP SP3 (and .Net 3.5 framework...). I'll see what I do when PdN 4.0 comes out Regards, Skro
  2. No, that won't work easily (e.g. when you want to recolor a multiple selection²... The larger the brush, the less applications you need, and therefore the less chance you have to forget tiny bits) Regards, Skro ²ndlr: magic wand rules
  3. Hello! I have worked quite a bit with PdN for a webcomic translation, and there is a point that really annoys me (not to say block me): character and line spacings cannot be modified. I know that we can move manually the lines and character once written, but for pages and pages, that's not good, basically for two reasons: 1/ it takes a loooooooooooong time 2/ we cannot assure that everything is perfectly aligned and that all the spaces are the same size 3/ in the case of overlapping characters, the one in the back is hidden by the selection that is moved. (yes that's three reasons ) I don't know how this is feasible, but I would not have to go (back) to Photoshop for this (imho) stupid problem. Regards, Skro
  4. By the way,the latest version of my Cthulhic desktop background (actually, the one I have at work): Regards, Skro
  5. Did you have a look at the whole bunch of tutorial that only are expecting you here, in which you can find almost everything from the chrome effect to a fire generation. Then you can try and use some tips, and create a whole new, nice and clean stuff... Regards, Skro
  6. Hi! Yes it's me again, with another suggestion: could it be possible to implement a paintbrush shape, instead of the simple round brush? Basic ideas would be: - square - spray (some random stuff) and why not add the possibility to add user-designed shapes... Regards, Skro
  7. Exactly! Cutout effect is just what I needed. I thought at Posterize at first, but I feared the very very very large amount of time I was going to spend in selecting each slice of color... Regards, Skro
  8. Three letters for the answer: y.e.s. Regards, Skro
  9. By the way, the Tint effect achieves this alone. No need to convert to B&W But you may have to play with the levels to get something nice Regards, Skro
  10. Hi! As I have ideas, but absolutely no knowledge of any C/++/#/whatever competency, here is my suggestion: could it be possible to create a plugin that would "simplify" the colors (basically like in this ad campaign)? My idea would be to split the palette into (more or less) little zones with a defined color, and every color within the zone would be changed to this particular color... Thanks in advance to the one who will perform this (and my apologies if this has already been done...) Regards, Skro
  11. I think that many of us will try and dodge Vista for some time... Regards, Skro
  12. Hi! I just worked a little bit around with PdN, and I noticed that every selection, when you click outside the picture, unselects everything... Every selection? No, a small village still resists to...² By the way, not a small village, but the Magic Tool Selection, and as I'm overusing it, I find annoying always to change tool or Ctrl+A every time I want to change my selection... Hope it's not a big deal... Regards, Skro ²note: Oops, I mistook with something else
  13. If I'm not mistaken, all the installed fonts you have installed (in C:\Windows\Fonts) appear in Paint.Net. I agree that it can be quite boring for your word processing program (and that Windows could include different fonts subfolder so that they could be sorted), but everything is accessible. Regards, Skro
  14. Review of Paint.Net in Yahoo! News (in french)... Hope you'll get a bunch of downloads this way. Regards, Skro
  15. There's a feather plugin available here: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=2498 And it works fine. Regards, Skro
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