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system wont let me upload a 150 x 150 picture

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Hello ..I'm RJRufus

I'm new here and I love Paint.NET.

I have been learning and learning for the last 2 years.. I'm still as dumbfounded as I was when I first downloaded it ..nevertheless its a great program..

Since its difficult for me to maneuver through these forums..I can never tell if I'm in the right thread of things..

I can eventually find what I'm looking for but it does take me time..sorry about that..

My problem is..

I want to upload a picture of myself..the system says .. its too big... WHAT? how can that be... check it out..


of which I customized with Paint.NET.

I resized it to comply with the 150 x 150 size requirement ...guess what?? the system doesn't like my picture..

It not that outrageous ..as a matter of fact I think some people may like it..

I also want to use it as my avatar.. then I found out that avatars can only be 120 x whatever..so I gotta resize that

but not until I can figure the photo upload out....

I do apologize for posting this type of silly question here.. I read the help file as to what to do ..I did that..

system must be broke....not my fault ..sorry, I just don't know where else to place this type of question..

when I saw the topic " QUESTIONS" that was my que..

so can anyone advise me why the system thinks my 150x150 pic is too big

I rechecked the the size and according the Paint.NET is good to go..so whats the deal?

Lost in the mountains..


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Jim is correct. That part is disabled. You'll want to use Photobucket or similar to post in general, so it might help to look into how to do this.

I'm partial to PB atm, but whatever suites you really. Pretty much the same thing all around ... you want an image host with direct link capability.

Here's a screen shot from inside of PB highlighting the option:


And here's where you'd place it under your profile settings here:


And welcome to the forums.

**EDIT: And the link I forgot to post in the above ... Old Tutorial on Posting Images It's only mildly dated as the services look and feel has changed slightly over the last several years.

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Yup. Profile pictures are turned off. Sorry for the misleading error message :(

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