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New file not recognised in 3.5.10

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I have just finished an image and decided to put it in a new folder. So I went to my Pictures and created the folder, called Animations as this was going to be an animation. But when I try to save into that folder it is not recognised in PDN. It shows all the other folders but the new, empty one, that I want to use does not show up. I thought it might have been me not creating it properly so I went back and checked but it was there.I have included a couple of screenshots so you can see what I mean -

folderprob.jpg - folder there.

nofolder.jpg - not recognised in PDN

Any ideas?

I just thought - maybe it will be seen once PDN has been closed and then re-started. However this is still not satisfactory as it means I will lose all the history in that image which is not what I want.

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A library is a virtual folder (a collection of folders).

Typically it shows the content of "My pictures" and "Public pictures" ("C:\Users\Public\Pictures") merged together. (See the hint: "Includes: 2 locations" on top of your first screenshot).

This is sometimes confusing. So click in the sidebar of the fileselector "Libraries" and there "Pictures"

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