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Ehh, had this thing installed on my computer for years. Haven't ever really bothered to actually attempt to make anything with it.. It's bad I know lol.

Over 30 views and no one said what I can do to make it better?/Suggestions on what needs improvement? :(.

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I took a look at it, but couldn't think of anything. What are you using it for?

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Ok then let's go for some suggestions... (Just my humble opinion)

1.The plan aren't correct. By the size the subject on the right looks nearer than the one in the middle. And if the gun is aiming the subject on the left it should be behind the his arms.

2.Try to add a border but it 's ok without.

3.The subject in the middle doesn't have the same finishing than the others (she misses the lines in her hair and the shadowing is flat when the others have gradients)...

4.I miss something colored (SinCity like)...

Good luck...

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I didn't respond because I really didn't know what to say. It looked ok but something was not quite right but I just could not figure out what, so I was waiting for someone else to get the ball rolling. Bad on my part, sorry.

Madjik is quite right in his appraisal. The image in the middle doesn't fit with the other figures because they are a different style.

Here's some suggestions but remember, sigs are not my forte:

1. Ask yourself what these figures have to do with each other? What links them together in this image? What story does this tell?

2. The figure on the far right has a white glow that needs to be gone. It looks badly cut out.

3. A border would be nice.

4. You could also try lowering the opacity/Gaussian Blur of the supporting figures & giving the main figure a bit of colour. Play with the blend modes. Multiply works well.

I hope some of this has been helpful.

Edit: Here's a quick play so you can see what I mean. It is very roughly done & the coloured parts were blurred a lot & the border too.


Now the image tells a story about the past to the present. Sort of...still a good effort from you.

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