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  1. Made this in paint, not pdn. First attempt at pixal art so it's not that good
  2. Ehh, had this thing installed on my computer for years. Haven't ever really bothered to actually attempt to make anything with it.. It's bad I know lol. Over 30 views and no one said what I can do to make it better?/Suggestions on what needs improvement? .
  3. I don't know what plugins I have installed, I just used what ever I saw in the gui of pdn. (I installed a whole bunch a year or two ago) More like welcome back. , look at my join time. How would I go about using that pdn file to figure out what I did with it? I opened it up, and I didn't see any past used commands on it.
  4. Ahh, maybe, truthfully I don't really remember how I made it anymore. >_<. I have a general idea though..
  5. I don't know, I was just playing around with pdn. >_>. I guess I'll wait for some more opinions on it.
  6. That is what I originally made it for. . Here's my unfinished image. Edit: Spelling error.
  7. Interested in seeing what people come up with, as compared to my own edit.
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