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I'm trying to figure out how to make a picture one colour at the start, say from the top, them as it moves done gradually going into another colour, darker till it reaches the bottom, while having all the colours blend nicely. I'm sure this is easy but I'm newish to the program. The best example I can give is this picture, see the characters in the background? Really really need help. Thanks.


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This is the application of a gradient to a selection. Try this:

1. open your image

2. Select your gradient starting color as the primary color, and the end color as the secondary.

3. Use the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: with low tolerance to select only the areas that you want the gradient to fill (CTRL key allows you to add areas to original selection, SHIFT key selects all the areas in the image of a common color)

4. Select the Gradient Tool :GradientTool: and pull a gradient from the top down. It will fill the selection with a smooth gradient from the Primary color to the Secondary.

How does that work for you?

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EDIT: or

Do this:

1-Open Your Image:


2- Duplicate layer: Layers > Duplicate Layer

3- Tint the top layer with the desired color using Color Tint: Effect > Color > Color Tint:


4- Apply the Linear Gradient :GradientTool: , :LinearClampedGradient: with Transparency Mode :AlphaChannelOnly: on the top layer starting from up to bottom, with the required amount and Distance, then flatten, Image > Flatten , to get something like this:


The top layer should look like this:


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