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Cropping an image/background not one color

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Hi folks:

I'm new here and hope to learn a lot about this new paint program. I'm an old MSPaint person. That's the program

that came packaged with ancient windows versions.

(What I don't like about paint.net is the missing "show grid" option available in any zoomed size, but anyway back to my problem).

I'm making a product flyer (8.5 X11) for our store and we will pass them around the towns in my area. I will take

pictures of the products with my camera and up load them into paint.net. The picture will need to be downsized to

approx 1 X 2in, so dithering will be needed to get the same quality has the original. Now downsized, I will need get rid

of the photo session backdrop, then create a new canvas of the flyer and paste them in without the background.

Does anyone know how to crop free hand? That is zoom in the picture and using the pencil option define the

boarder of the wanted image, then define outside of it has transparent? Or any other method tom achieve the same results.

Thanks for the help.


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Hey Andy! Welcome to the forum.

You've posted this in the Newbie Playground area of the Tutorials section. This part of the forum is reserved for the publishing of tutorials. Don't worry - this is a common mistake ;)

Tell you what. I'll move this to the correct section for you: General Discussion & Questions


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View -> Pixel Grid


About this topic I thought I would also post about the issue.

The Pixel Grid feature does not work, even when going to view - Pixel grid.

I put Paint.net on my system as well as my parents and the view-Pixel Grid does not work.

My system has ATI and parents is Nvidia, and its the same no grid.



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Some more explanation of the last two posts:

The pixel grid doesn't become useful until you zoom in to a point where the individual pixels are clearly visible. The grid becomes visible when the zoom level is set to 200% (or higher).

Paint.net documentation: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ViewMenu.html

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