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'Colour Accent'?

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Hi all,

I was looking for a way to create what my Canon camera calls 'Colour Accent'. Basically making the picture black and white, but selecting one colour in the picture that stays as it is.

I can do it through my camera, but for underwater photography its too complicated to be dealing with while down so i would rather tackle it during editing.

I have seen pictures of schools of fish done like this and it looks really good done right.

Can anyone help?



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DW: Here's how I would do it:

1) Open your picture in Paint.NET.

2) Create a new layer.

3) In the new layer. outline the area/object you want to remain colored, using the Line/Curve Tool.

4) Using the Magic Wand tool, select inside the area you have isolated.

5) Invert the selection (Ctrl-I).

6) Select the layer with the photograph.

7) Select Adjustments -> Black and White (this may be a plug-in).

8) Delete the outline layer.

Hope this works for you. . .

Tony N.

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And a plugin Extract Color that automates the tutorial.

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