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  1. Hi all, I was looking for a way to create what my Canon camera calls 'Colour Accent'. Basically making the picture black and white, but selecting one colour in the picture that stays as it is. I can do it through my camera, but for underwater photography its too complicated to be dealing with while down so i would rather tackle it during editing. I have seen pictures of schools of fish done like this and it looks really good done right. Can anyone help? Thanks DW
  2. Hi, This is my first post. I'm new to paint.NET but want to start using it for photo editing. I have never used photoshop etc and have just recently read the paint.NET documentation pages that take you through all the features. My main question is: What does the magic wand tool actually do? This page: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MagicWand.html gives good instructions on what to do, but not why i would do this and how it can alter my pictures. It seems to highlight over exposed areas of a photo. Does that mean i can adjust these areas to take the sharpness off these specific sections?
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