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Remove lines from scans of Lined-paper?

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Use the Colour Picker tool pdn35icons.ColorPickerToolIcon.png to select the blue lines colour, invert primary and secondary colours, and using the same tool select the paper backgroung colour.

Your colour pallete window should now show the paper colour as primary and the line colour as secondary.

Use the Recolouring (Colour Replace) tool pdn35icons.RecoloringToolIcon.png to paint the background colour over the lines.

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There are some different techniques, it depends on the followings conditions:

-The drawing is in b/w or colored (not the lines)

-How clean/sharp the scanned image is

-How accurate the alignment is, for the scanned image.

In addition to the all above, a sample of the image (or a small part, if it is not possible to post the whole image) will be very helpful to find out the better way of doing that.

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