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Copying colours btw images

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I'm a newbie to Product and find it this forum very useful with lots of good discussions, great tips & tutorials - Thanks for all the contribution.

I'm not sure if there is such a function or what is the best approach to take. so here it goes.

Basically, I've taken a 2 photos and I want to merging the a person in each of these photos into one photo, so it appears like there are 2 of the same person in the same photo... unfortunately, the skin color is slightly washed out on one of the photos, hence you can see that its been copied across.

So I was wondering, if there is color tool, where you can say... select the color of the face from one, then somehow replace the color on the other face, so they look the same color.

Can someone please give me some advice on this or point me to a topic/tutorial which covers this.. it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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You posted this in the Tutorials+ section, this is not the place for it as it is not a tutorial. As you're new here I'll move it for you.

<Moved to General Discussion & Questions>

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