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I am a "silver surfer" with very little experience, and none with Paint.net.

I can crop a photo to the selection I want but, for the life of me, I cannot work out how to release the cropped section

from the original so that I can enhance the cropped section only. What I am trying to say is that I do not know how to

isolate the section I have cropped from the rest of the photo so that I can work on it.

I'm sure it's a simple thing to do, isolating the cropped section, but a near 78 year old like me can't work it out.

I am using Windows 7.

Thanks for any help.

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@Rockape: This was posted in the Tutorials+ section of the forum. I've moved it to the General Discussion & Questions section for you ;)

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1. select the crop tool

2. pull a square around the area to crop

3. from the pull down menu image choose "crop to selection"


select the "crop tool"? what you have marked in the ss is the rectangle select tool, we have no "crop tool"--my point being that with someone this new to PDN you could very easily confuse them, and make the problem worse-



SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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