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  1. Cc4FuzzyHuggles, Thank you for the reply, Actually, I remember that tutorial and used it when you posted it. I will continue to monkey with the different ways to create alternative ways. Continuing to dig I found that mirror creates a fold effect.
  2. Thank you very much Ishi and Eli I combined both of your responses and quickly made a bend. EDIT: Resized image to comply with max size rule
  3. Is there a plugin to fold or crease image Thanks in advance EDIT: resized image to comply with max size rule
  4. I need to update to circle text v1.4 (updating now) Do you have a suggestion how to draw the circle
  5. PDN Version 3.3x, 3.5 I want to draw a circle then have text within that circle. I am using Circle text V1.2 Is there a better way to draw the circle. Or a better way of text My circle is not concentric so my text is not lining up.
  6. Nice, I would like to see the tutorial on that gold picture frame and flying glass.
  7. @ Rick Brewster The issue was the blurring of the pic, the resizing part was cool. So I figured I must of been doing it wrong. I took it to a computer with a different program and resized it down and the result was no noticeable loss. @ nitenurse79 Yes, I had checked the maintain aspect ratio. ( I was thinking the same thing too). @ delpart I think the rounding up or down of the fractions may be my answer. I will also try other compression format instead of JPG, or GIF, I started with my original and cropped way down Next I applied the math to the resize as you suggested and it worked great. I am sure there is still a loss because I can only apply whole numbers to the resize, but for this application it works. Thanks
  8. Version 3.3x, 3.5 When sizing a pic down it gets blurry or it seems the pixels are all scrunched together.
  9. Kazaam! Finally you wish for what you should wish for and it comes true. You put it in a safe place and forget where it is, then you move and it is left behind. I wish it were 1972
  10. What an excellent collection! I know you have no tutorials but how bout a clue on the method of (abstract of the week #13)
  11. Show me something that you are afraid of. .
  12. Waazzam - Your wish is granted. Not only is Family Guy on right now. There is a Family Guy channel. But It is not on cable and only broadcast in analog and the signal is so bad that there is no way to get a good picture, and they show the same episode - marathon style 24/7 .
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