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Tube Oblique tool

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I am trying to bend an image into a curve to achieve this effect :


I was following this tutorial :

and all was going well until I got to the part where I had to use the Tube Oblique tool. The tool used in the tutorial looks nothing like the one I am using.

Can someone explain how to use this tool, or at least how to achieve this curved effect ?

Thanks, Mickmac

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if it twas me---

i would start by setting my picture into a much, much wider, white layer. then i would use the render-Shape3D tool set on cylinder to acheve the arc. (you will want the light turned off)you could use the settins in shape3D to tilt it and skew it OR go to Layer-rotate/zoom tool to do it, -once you have the desired arced pic, then use magicwand(set on global) on the white part of the cylinder and hit the cut button,the rest seems just a dropshadow



note: you will find the light-on/off box in the lower section of the controls, about halfway down


here is something i worked up real quick using this method



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I think the original tutorial used something more like this: tube Effect

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