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  1. Hi, Same deal, wanting to add text in a curve. I downloaded dpy plugin 8.1 but cannot find it, not sure how to access it. Anyone know where it's hiding ?
  2. Hi, I used to be able to do this but have forgotten how. I would like to remove the bg from a small image, ie make it's bg transparent, and place that small image on top of a large image, a banner. Not sure what I am doing wrong but when I place the small image on the large one the entire image is transparent, not just the bg. Sorry for being so annoying but it has been almost a year since I did this last. Thanks in advance, Mickmac
  3. Thanks for the reply. I thought I had that plug-in but I cannot find it. Under which dropdown would it be if I did have it ? I thought it was under Effects/Render
  4. Hi, I did this years ago but have forgotten how to do it. I have a label, like a rectangular shape, and I want to place it on a picture of a bottle and give the label the same curve as the bottle. Can someone jog my memory as to how to curve the label ? Thanks in advance, Mickmac
  5. Hi, I have them open in PDN, I often have 20 or more images in there at a time and don't have any problems with speed or crashes. It takes so long to save them 1 at a time, thought there may have been a speedier way to do it. Thanks for the reply, Mickmac
  6. Hi, I have about 30 images in paint.net which I have edited and now it is time to save them to a folder, do I have to save each image one at a time, or can I save them all at once, in a batch. They are all going into the one folder and it takes ages to save them one at a time. Thanks for the great forum, it has been very helpful Mickmac
  7. Thanks for the replies, I was trying to use the Tube Oblique tool but cannot work it out, may try the Shape/3D tool thanks, Mickmac
  8. Hi, I am trying to bend an image into a curve to achieve this effect : I was following this tutorial : and all was going well until I got to the part where I had to use the Tube Oblique tool. The tool used in the tutorial looks nothing like the one I am using. Can someone explain how to use this tool, or at least how to achieve this curved effect ? Thanks, Mickmac
  9. Hi, I installed the Animated Gif plugin in Program Files/Paint.net/File Types (as instructed) but when I open Paint.net I cannot find the plugin anywhere. Any idea where it would be hiding ? Mickmac
  10. Thanks for all the help, if I could find the tutorial that I have at home in Thailand I would be able to do what I want without annoying people on the forum. I guess it is an excuse to go home. Mickmac
  11. Not sure what I am doing wrong, but when I try to paste an image on top of another image the background is showing, where it should be transparent. When I saved it as a PNG and viewed the image the b/g was a grey and white checkered pattern, and when I saved as a JPG the b/g was white. I experimented with the magic wand tolerance level but that made no difference. I live in Thailand but I am in Australia at the moment and all my tutorials are at home (printed on paper) I am sure I had a tutorial at home which explains how to place an image on top of another image and not be able to see the b/g. Would anyone know where to find this tutorial ? Not sure what it is called. Thank you, Mickmac
  12. Thanks Chad, I will try it out, Mickmac
  13. Thanks for that, and sorry about my last post, I am a bit rusty when it comes to forum rules. Mickmac
  14. I have another question. I want the 2 main words on my logo to wrap around a circular design in the center of the logo. How do I do this ? I am sure I have seen it before on Paint.net. Thanks, Mickmac
  15. Hi, I am trying to design a logo with some text in the center which is surrounded by flowers which are overlapping one another. Is the best way to do this to just begin with an image of a flower and turn the b/g transparent and then paste a copy of the flower itself around the logo ? Not sure whether to use the magic wand tool on the b/g or the lasso tool on the flower. Some of my images do not have a single colored b/g so selecting the b/g with magic wand is an ordeal. Thanks, Mickmac
  16. Sorry, but when I click on the link in your first post I end up at this page - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=28407 and there is nowhere to download the Plugin Mickmac
  17. Sorry about that, please delete that post, Mickmac
  18. Sorry to be a pain, but I am having trouble downloading that Plugin. Every time I click on a link it just takes me to a page like this : viewtopic.php?f=16&t=28407 And if I click on the link under the banner "Plugin pack" I am taken to a Google UK page. Not sure what is going on, Mickmac
  19. Thanks for the reply, I will try that Plugin, but is there a tutorial out there that explains how to do what I am try to do ? Thanks again, Mickmac
  20. Hi, I tried to crop a gif. image to use it as a background for a banner. It is a sunset over the ocean, and the surface of the water was moving. But when I put it into Paint.net and cropped a section out it became a "still" photo, no more rippling water. Is there a way to crop a section from a gif. image and "save as" and still have a moving image ? Or is there a better way to achieve this effect ? Not very experienced with gif. images and would like to learn more about it. Thanks for the great forum, Mickmac
  21. Hi, I had a look through the forums but cannot find a way to do what I want to do. If I have an image 100 px x 100 px can I increase the physical size of the image with losing the clarity of original image ? If I make the image 200 px x 200 px it goes blurry. Thanks in advance, Mickmac
  22. Thanks David, I have not done it for a while and could not remember how. Got it working now. Mickmac
  23. Hi, I am in Australia at the moment and left my tutorials folder at home (Thailand) I cannot remember how to place an image with a clear background on top of another image, using layers. The image with clear b/g is a flower in a square. I am trying to make a new header banner for my website. Can someone refresh my memory ? Thanks in advance, Mickmac
  24. The font is called "ENVIRO" and can be found here : http://freefonts.co.in/fonts/E/Enviro.html The one I had before, which I thought was called "STYLISTIC" was only in capitals, but this one is in small letters and capitals. Looks the same as the stylistic font to me. Mickmac
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