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Welcome to the forum americamba. Around here http://searchpaint.net/ is your friend :). Using it I found these:



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Hi, I need to put a few images into one. I mean, next to each other like a collage. thanks, Frank

I don't know how many images you want, or what shape you want them in (for example, if you have 4 would you want 2 columns and two rows of pictures, or if you had 3 would you want 3 in a row) but you start a new canvas (hold ctrl and hit N) and guesstimate a size (really depends on what you're trying to do here) and go to each picture you want and hold ctrl + hit A (which selects the whole picture) then ctrl + C (which copies it) and go to your new canvas and hit ctrl + v to paste it on, then place it and resize it however you want, and do this with all of your pictures. make sure you hold shift when you resize, other wise it gets all unproportional!

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