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Best plug-in pack?

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In most games I play, there are add-ons or plug-ins that people think are really high quality are are "nessasary" (Forgot how to spell it) because of how good they are. I was hoping it would be the same here. Anyway you guys can link me?

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My advice: if you see something you like, download it. Think later. Of course, that makes linking back to the original source a pain. That's where the plugin index comes in handy (It's in the forum index, under plugins).

You shouldn't have to worry about disk space really; each plugin is like less than 10kb in size (with the exception of some of the big ones, which can take up a whooping few hundred kilobytes (:lol:)).

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...necessary... Not a bad effort, at least you realized it was incorrect boltbait.lol.png

Welcome to the forum!

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