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AVOTW Discussion Thread


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Currently, AVOTW 4: Aircrafts is going on. This thread is where you can discuss anything related to it. Also, feel free to PM me (csm725) with any questions about this week's theme. I would love to help. Remember, this thread is only for discussion.

(Deadline is August 1)

Discussion for AVOTW 1 (Things You Dislike) begins on page 1.

Discussion for AVOTW 2 (Things You Dislike) begins on page 2.

Discussion for AVOTW 3 (Numb3rs) begins on page 2.

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Any more entries?

chrisco? :P

Anyways, for AVOTW 2, I will employ Possum's method of submission: PM me and don't post it anywhere until the end of the comp. More details on the 20th, or when the next comp will be up.

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Congratulations on the place win Sokagirl & j.d.!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me & who took the time to vote.

CSM - they're PEAS. I don't eat peas (dislike them to the point of picking them out of food & feed then\m to the cat under the table) except the dried ones that you get with pies (an Aussie thing), split pea soup (when my Mum makes it - tastes best) & fresh from the vine.

Thanks also to CSM for helping me with getting the image there from DA. With 2 dead computers & photobucket being out of bandwidth I was pushing it uphill.

EDIT: New theme PMed.

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