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Hey, I want to ask, how can i make some lines like this? My lines aren't going to be as good!

And sorry if a tut like this exist allready but i don't know how to call the lines!

Sorry for the bad english :D


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On a new layer of your image, make a line (any thickness will do), and with the line still active (there will be 4 nubs), grab one of the nub, right click and hold, then shape it. It will give you a nice curvy line.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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Here's one way to make a line similar to your example.

Use the Line / Curve tool to make a curved line on

a new (transparent) layer.

(Use the right mouse button on the adjustment

nodes for a smoother Bezier curve.)

Duplicate the layer.

Use the Move Selected Pixels tool :MoveTool: to move one of the lines

up or down, and rotate it using the right mouse button.

Merge layers and fill in between the lines using the

Paintbucket tool and/or the Paintbrush tool.


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