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how to make a photoshop like logo picture


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This is my first tutorial, so I will try to do this correctly

The effects required are

Outline object-http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?p=123175

This is what we will be making.


first start out with a blank canvas 500x500


Pick the color of your choice and fill it in


Then add a new layer :AddNewLayer: and type in two or three letters


Then choose magic select :MagicWandTool: and set it to add and select your letters then go to your your buttom layer and press delete and press :Cancel: on your text layer.


next make a new layer :AddNewLayer: and fill it in with a collor that is a dark grey but not black or else it will ruin the picture

Move the layer to the bottom


Add a new layer on top and fill it in with the same dark color


Then go into radial gradient :RadialGradient: and set it to transparent

drag from the bottom right hand corner and almost up to your lettering


Add a new layer :AddNewLayer: and fill it in with white


Then do a radial gradient :RadialGradient: from the top to almost the lettering


select your layer with the color and text and use object outline

set it to width-15 and softness-255 and set the color to pure black, all other settings remain default


Flatten and resize if you want to and you should get this


Please make your own and post them

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I have amended the link you gave to point to Pyrochild's Plugin Pack. This is where users will find the Outline Object effect. No need to point them to anywhere else :wink:

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Ok, one question that I could never figure out, what exactly is a tut? :?

A tut is just the shortening of the word tutorial.

Webster's Dictionary Definition

a class in which a tutor gives intensive instruction in some subject to an individual student or a small group of students.

So it's just where you teach somebody how to do something.

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