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  1. press "More" on the colors window and change the slider of "Transparency-Alpha" to the left.
  2. oh god,i waited this tutorial for days.. since i saw your work,i've been trying to make this 10/10 tutorial here's my first try,but i'm sure i'll try again..
  3. unfortunately yes.. anyway,thx for the comment
  4. really nice images topezia.. meh,i wanted this to look natural..
  5. anybody can enter,right? so.. here's my try(first time i participate) stock: http://blog.beliefnet.com/freshliving/sky.jpg edit: oh,silly me..i didn't saw that you can only submit until 1th february. sorry
  6. i allways use random effect plugin when i don't know what to do..it gives me nice outcomes.. anyway,here's what i've come up:
  7. i think that right side it's a bit too dark and some lines aren't noticeable other than it,it's pretty good
  8. didn't really followed the tut by full but it's my first try,anyway
  9. easy tut and nice outcome here it's my try:
  10. really nice tutorial i'm sry if my image is too big...
  11. i'm really sorry,don't take it wrong,but this seems too easy.. i mean i tried to do mine,without reading the tutorial and ... it's not quite like yours..but i can do like yours too...so if you wanna try your tut,please say
  12. you know what's strange?i was just thinking to make a sliced orange.. now, thx to your tutorial,i can make it better...thx a lot,will post later with my final image..
  13. meh,nice tutorial,but mine didn't went that good..
  14. well,i like it very much.. nice tut,i'll try it later
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